3d life to 5d life

Routine is a way for humans to make sense of the 3D world.  Are they limiting you?

Humans use routine as an anchor to give us some semblance of structure during our day.  We have been conditioned to believe that this structure is necessary in order to function efficiently.

I used to follow a strict morning ritual of pulling divination cards to glean the Earth’s energy for the Energy Report, debating whether or not I should have more coffee, and preparing exactly the same breakfast as yesterday to get me going.  But lately, I’ve been finding my routine horribly disrupted, and I’ve been challenged to look at why this would upset me so much.

After the wringing of hands is done, I sit there and FEEL, it makes total sense that there should be an initiation period in which the 3D human gets a sense of what 5D is like.

It’s the taste of freedom for mankind.  It’s the vision of having so much faith in being the creator of our own reality that we don’t HAVE to plan anything.

And the Other Me, the one that’s up there with some common sense, relays some light humor and warmth to the situation.  Asks me to look at my objections and feel them out.  This is part of the deconstruction of the habits in which we believe that we must DO things in order to GET things.  It was just a paradigm.  Not the ONLY paradigm.

And that although I love having my morning ritual, it’s not necessary in order to exist. Each morning can be different when we’re totally creating our reality since we know everything’s going to work out just fine for This Eternal-Being-Right-Here.  Following a pattern is a choice, and not a requirement.  Routines can be built out of fear, too.

They are just preferences, and there are an infinite number of preferences from which to choose.  Why choose the same, exact preferences every day?  Why not experience something different, and switch it up a bit?

Skip the Routine

You’ll see that if you skip the routine, and follow your highest joy from when you wake up to when you go to sleep, the things that needed to get done were done, and other stuff can wait.

And that you probably had a good day, because your vibration was high and you just flowed along with the current of things.

So next time a routine habit feels WRONG to you all of a sudden, take a look.  It may be time to put that habit aside and explore another option.  Just to see what it feels like, you know?



author: Kimberly

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