If It’s In Your Purview, It’s Relevant

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I’ll say it again:  You Are the Creator of Everything.  Period.

It’s easy to hear, and to laugh off as wishful thinking, right?  I mean, if you ARE the Creator of everything that happens in your life, then you should have everything you want, all the time, right?

That’s exactly right.

And you do, by the way.

Ready to comment me back and remind me about your money problems, relationship woes, and boring job?  Please do.  I have lots to say about that, including commiserating about those same things that befuddled me too.  And I will still reaffirm my statement:  You Are the Creator of Everything.  And if it’s in your life, then you wanted it there.

Why?  WHAT?  WHY? Why would I want to create such misery for myself?  Because you wanted the experience, the opportunity to consciously determine your preferences.  And the easiest way to do that was for you to feel discomfort.

And when you start to consciously make those preferences, your life turns around without future shitstorms needing to arise as they did in the past.

Sit with that for a second. And hear me out.

Now that that’s settled in, consider all of the things in your past that have come up into your attention, but you really didn’t know why.  For me, I keep seeing and hearing about Manzanita trees.  In a song, in my Pinterest feed (the easiest way for your Higher Self to communicate with you, with NO effort on your part, by the way), in a piece of art at a random bookstore.  Manzanita trees.  I’ve never seen a Manzanita tree in my life.

I get that wrinkle in my forehead, wondering why Manzanita trees keep popping up in my purview.  And at this point in time, I haven’t a clue.


It’s a sign.  It’s a breadcrumb.

For you it will be something different, of course.  It could be the color yellow, or someone’s name, or a number, over and over.

If you see a pattern, a curiosity, or something just plain damn WEIRD, then take note, because it’s going to lead you somewhere soon.

It’s a cosmic puzzle piece for a bigger picture, but you don’t have the box top to see the whole puzzle yet.  Know that more pieces are coming, and jump for joy that you’re getting the messages that you send to yourself.

Remember, if it’s in your purview—and it catches your attention—it’s another piece of the puzzle of your life. And it’s all your creation.


Earth Energy:


Royal Blue




444 (All is well)

8888 (Light at the end of the tunnel – stay joyful)



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