How Synchronicities Occur and Why We Doubt Them

Or are they just coincidence?

coincidence vs synchronicity

You experience a synchronistic event that excites you.  It could be a chance meeting, a new opportunity, or a monetary windfall.  You’re excited at first, but then doubt rushes in soon after.

That doubt is old programming from the “Get Real” authorities, that admonish you for believing something that hasn’t been scientifically proven.  The programming runs deep, and science would label your synchronicity a coincidence instead. Let’s talk about reality.

I mean, who are YOU to think that you have that power to coordinate a chance meeting between yourself and a stranger???

Well it’s time to put that stuff behind you.

You DO have the power to create those meetings, and here’s how it goes:

  • Your Higher Self knows that you are the creator of everything.
  • You understand that you have all of the powers of Prime Creator, and you have divided yourself up into “others” who experience life from their own perspective.  They have the power to make their own decisions.
  • You send out a desire for something, someone, or some situation.
  • The Higher Selves of others hear your call, and they set out to make it happen when in line with their own desires, soul plan, and timing.
  • You experience a synchronistic event based on the efforts of all involved.

That’s when the old programming can kick in that challenges the creation process.  Doubts arise as to the legitimacy of the event, because you were taught that reality prompts thought, instead of thought prompting reality.

Thank goodness, those old ways are dying out.  Society is warming up to the idea that we actually have something to do with how we create our life path.

So next time you experience this and your initial reaction is to label it a coincidence, remember that your thoughts come first, and that creates your reality. Nothing happens by accident. Every time you observe old patterns and recognize them as not serving you, you blast a portion of them away.

And bravo on the manifestation!



author: Kimberly

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