So many people in the Western World experience that sinking feeling late on Sunday afternoon.  It’s called dread; the knowing that tomorrow they’ll have to wake up and go to a passionless job that merely pays the bills.

If this is not you, then you can skip this little missive.

I’m going to venture to say that most people won’t skip my missive, because most people are in jobs that merely satisfy basic survival needs. A paycheck to pay the bills so that a roof can stay over their head, some food in the fridge, and maybe a few nights out somewhere in there.

There’s no judgment here because it’s all been part of the programming to keep us under control.  If you weren’t scared about your future, you may choose not to work in a job you hate.  And those that you’re working for wouldn’t have the productive employees needed to make them more money or afford them more control.

Not every boss is a despot, for sure.  There are tons of options for employment out there that could both satisfy your basic needs, as well as supply you with the satisfaction of contributing to the whole in a positive manner, using your unique gifts and abilities.  You know what I’m talking about:  That work that doesn’t feel like work.

Which is why, for those who still dread Mondays, there still remains a bit of programming to address.  Your Higher Self knows that this is not the job for you, and the dread that appears is a signal, should you choose to heed it, to perhaps consider asking yourself what you DO want to do.  And why are you not doing it?

Go ahead, write down the reasons:

  • It doesn’t pay enough
  • I need a degree
  • You have to be lucky to make it big in that career

You’re not alone.  These are all things you were told and you believed them.  No need for that any longer.  I guarantee that if you do some research regarding the career you’d love to have, you will find exceptions to every one of your reasons.  I guarantee it. In which case, each of your reasons can be sent out the door with your middle finger raised.

For most of us, These are latent survival fears.  The fear of living in a cardboard box, the fear of rolling your remaining belongings under a bridge as it pours rain outside.  The horrors of not being part of the system, by society’s ridicule of anyone following their own path to happiness. So many ways we’re scared into staying right where we are; where it’s “safe.”

Take a look at any programming you may have that says you can’t survive without that job.  Of course you can.  People do it all the time. They find a passion for something, and they make money from it.

You can too.  And then Monday will be like any other day.  You’ll wake up excited to do what makes your heart sing.


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