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We are the badasses of the Universe right now, and there are lots of eyes on humanity at this time.  You are a celebrity!

Oh, and fellow humans love to magnify every misstep of a celebrity for all the world to see, huh?  It’s a wide audience that loves to revel in the blunders of his fellow man.

In preparation for Earth’s higher-frequency collective energy, any ugliness inside you will be coming out.


As if the outside world, with its volcanos, protester-blasting and upcoming earthquakes (whoops, spoiler) aren’t enough.

Yet that’s how things change; through disruption.  Disruption in the Earth’s core, disruption on the Earth’s surface, and disruption within you.

Expect some triggers to arise for you at this time.  These could be in the form of really challenging relationships, bosses, or neighbors.  Basically, interactions with people you can’t easily get away from.

I’m sure the Higher Self is patting itself on the back for this one.  These triggers were designed so we couldn’t just ignore the interaction; it made the trigger someone within close proximity so we can’t skirt the issue anymore.  It’s a smooth move, actually.

These people will be triggering in you some of your own ugliness in the form of impatience, insecurity, judgment, and quick-flaring anger.

But not to worry, it’s just a belief system like all those others you’ve been dealing with.  So treat it the same way:

  • Observe when you veer off the path and negative feelings arise.
  • Accept responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions.
  • Ask yourself how you feel about what just happened and feel the feeling right then and there.
  • Send those feelings out into the Universe for the energy to be reassigned.
  • Ask your Higher Self to work through you when interacting with such people in the future.

You are growing with each interaction; the quicker your internal response time is to situations like these that engulf you in flames, the faster you will put out the fire each successive time.  Soon, it will just become habit. This does not take long, my friends, if you address these occurrences right away!

So why is everyone being triggered at this point in time?

You, Lightworker, are being activated in preparation for serving your community when shit hits the fan.  I’ll be honest: there are some things coming that will be stretching the limits of the belief system of people who have only lived in the 3D reality in which they feel they lack control of their own lives.

These challenges to belief systems will NOT be subtle; and there will be plenty of terrified, confused people looking for guidance.  You are the one that was always different, calmer, centered, and not so swayed by public opinion, news and other drama.

They will be coming to you.

So these little sample triggers of late are there to show you what these upcoming interactions on a larger scale will be like.  If you can’t master your behavior around one annoying boss, then mass hysteria in your entire office will be a real shitstorm.

So study up, my awakening friends; your time is coming near to serve.  In case you’ve always wondered what your purpose was….here it is.

Always remember to be yourself, all the time.  Love.


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