Happening Now: Food Intolerance

Food is the physical representation of Life Force energy

food intolerance

Are you suddenly not able to eat certain foods?

Plenty of individuals experience acute intolerance of low-frequency foods, for which the body is telling us, “NO WAY.  Not anymore.”

I watched as others experienced this, thanking the Universe that I could still have a chicken taco when I wanted one.  After all, I argued, there is plenty of chicken that can be obtained from farms that actually provide a positive quality of life for their chickens prior to processing them as food.  I believe that is true.

Then, like someone switched on the light in a dark room, my body started to dictate what it would accept and what it would not.  Would I end up being that person who announced to all that could hear that “I’m a vegan,” like it was something we should all aspire to and that vegans are more evolved than meat eaters?

I don’t believe that is true, by the way.

This crossfire between ego and spiritual evolution indicates that every body is different; so no one should be telling you how to eat except for YOU.

As we clear the antiquated belief systems about how life should be lived, you and your Higher Self are strengthening that line of communication, and you’ll start listening to your body.  It will tell you what it needs; and it will definitely tell you what it doesn’t need, using all sorts of icky physical indications that will certainly grab your attention.

As we move from 3rd to 4th Density, our body upgrades from a carbon-based structure to a crystalline-based one.

That’s how you can handle and broadcast higher-frequency energies.  It starts with feeding yourself high-energy foods.  Since each body is different, your body will tell you which foods fit that category for you, and it will reject those that don’t.

Here’s a way to check if your food is right for you in this moment:

  • Look at the food in question.
  • Ask your body if it would feel good to eat it.
  • Consider what went into the process of getting that food to you.

You will get the go-ahead or the advice to search for something else that feels better.  Will it be easy?  Perhaps not at first, since we humans do love our habits.  But you will also find that habits will be going out the door along with some of your less-than beneficial food choices, so releasing resistance about it makes this a much smoother ride.

Your body will choose what it needs; don’t make assumptions that every food group is out.  Let your body decide that for you, and roll with it.

Thank goodness that tacos are still on my list.



author: Kimberly

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