Happening Now: Earth Connection Through Your Feet

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There’s massive energy bombarding Earth at the moment, and you may be feeling it in your feet.

What will this feel like?  Stand on the floor, or the grass, or anywhere, with bare feet.

It may feel like more of the surface area of the bottom of your feet is connecting to whatever you’re standing on.

As you become more of a Light being, the gap between your vibration and that of the Earth is closing.  You AND the Earth are ascending, and you’re doing it together.

You could feel your feet pulsing as you stand on them, or when you’re trying to sleep.  This is great news for you, as the energy is moving up from Earth to meet the vitality beaming through your crown from Source.  The chakra at which the two energies meet is your current activated center.  This is what is called raising your Kundalini energy.

So when you feel those pulsing feet, take some breaths, and know that your body is changing in good ways.  You’re increasing your ability as a Light transmitter!


Earth Energy:






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