Happening Now: Becoming Invisible?

Will that server ever look your way?

feeling invisible

Ever go to a restaurant and the server looks right at you and passes by? Or have you spoken to someone who seems like they don’t even know you’re there?  Are you invisible?

Infuriating as it is, this is actually good news for you.  Unless you really wanted to talk to that person.

As you progress in your conscious pursuit of awakening, all that inner work increases your frequency.  Each time you process some old belief system, each time you consciously act with kindness, or make the decision to show compassion, you activate more of your Light body. You actually become less solid, and more of your natural state, which is that of light.

And as you know, there are wavelengths outside of a human’s visible spectrum, like infrared and gamma rays.  You, my Lightworker friend, are starting to vibrate out of the visible spectrum of some people! Those who are vibrating at a lower frequency won’t have access to you unless you meet them at a vibrational midpoint between the two of you.


It’s really cool at airports, when you don’t feel like dealing with people.  You can just sit in your little chair and watch the goings-on in style, with a shit-eating grin on your face.  But remember if you stay in that state while walking to your gate, you must learn to dodge those people who will plow right into you if you’re not careful.  Yes, you can be that invisible.

So what if you are hungry and NEED to talk to the server?

It’s easy:  just make the intent that you will be seen, and think some grounding thoughts. Food helps to ground you (yes, I take note of the chicken-egg issue there), as does glancing at anything that’s on a television mounted on the wall nearby.  CNN is sure to send you plunging right down to conversational levels with most people.

And please, please, please don’t forget to keep your ego in check.  Just because someone is vibrating at a lower frequency than you doesn’t mean that they are less-evolved beings.  There are many old souls who have chosen to live lives that don’t look like yours.  We are all equally perfect aspects of Source, playing this awesome game of life.

Remember, always be You, all the time.  Love.



author: Kimberly

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