Happening Now: Glitter

Consciousness fills all pixels in your environment.

woman with halo around her head

Being balls of energy with powerful emotions in play, you humans shoot off a lot of sparks.

Often this happens during times of great excitement. When you receive an adrenaline rush, you’ve activated your symbolic representation for a burst of creative energy.

What is this energy doing?

Well, in early stages of the awakening process, you might not be so aware that you are even emitting these sparks.  But the environment may provide signals that you might recognize, such as:

  • Street lights turn on and off as you pass by
  • Car alarms stop or start in your presence
  • Sudden static over visual or audio connections

The energy must go somewhere!  It cannot stay still…otherwise the Universe would never expand.

If you want to know where your sparks are going, here is something that you can try. Consider the next statement:

Everything that you can see, hear, taste, smell and touch—both inside and outside of your skin—is actually You.

This means that the book on your table, the phone on which you may be scrolling, and your coffee cup—all are projections of consciousness that are coming from inside of You.  You had a need for the object or its associated symbolism, and so you imagined it there. And now you’re interacting with it.

Consider these objects as physical dream props.
They are staged there for your growth, in 3-dimensional form to make your experience feel more realistic.

Now since most of you own a mobile phone, and you might even be viewing these words from one, let’s pick it up. Hold it in your hand and view it at arm’s length.

Now, we’d like you to consider the space that is between your eyes and the phone.

What is there? Perhaps you’ve labeled it as empty space, because your eyes don’t see anything obscuring your view of the phone.

This space is filled with consciousness.
There is not a single pixel in this space that is NOT filled with consciousness.


Now your corporeal human body was designed with a few specific receptors for detecting consciousness:

  • Some consciousness your eyes can see
  • Some consciousness your ears can hear
  • Some consciousness your skin can feel
  • Some consciousness your tongue can taste
  • Some consciousness your nose can smell

Your collective has self-limited many of these receptive abilities, though, in order to enjoy the gradual remembrance of your true nature.  As we’ve discussed in past transmissions, you can expand the full capacities of these receptors with a little practice.

So now here you are: a human contemplating “What exactly IS between my eyes and that phone?”

This is a conscious, intentional inquiry of the Self that really says:  “Tell me more about my reality.

Here, you are asking the Universe for answers.  And because Source is built of Love, your call for answers will attract plenty of loving party guests excited to co-create a beautiful answer to your question.

Here!  Look over here!
How about this?  Can you see this?
Did you hear that sound?  I sent it to you!

We like to call this phenomenon your “glitter”.

Glitter are physical manifestations of previously undetected consciousness—You, expressing in other forms—that appear in your physical environment.

You can use such opportunities to practice sensing your party guests.

Your eyes may detect tiny fireworks, or something resembling fireflies whizzing by, especially around your head and hands areas.

As you recognize that this consciousness is manifesting in space that you once considered empty, you will loosen your limitations around what your receptors can register. This relaxing of resistance creates a welcoming environment which hosts more varied manifestations.

Your glitter’s behavior will tell you at which frequency you are sending out your sparks.

If you are continuously experiencing frustrating phenomenon—such as the bathroom lights turning off in the middle of applying your makeup—then this is an indication that you may be sending out more anxiety than self-love. To rebalance this:

Remember who you are, and love yourself right where you are.

“I am remembering my true nature, at the perfect pace for me.”

When the majority of your sparks are sent out consciously and from a place of self love, the manifestations will appear in your physical environment as beneficial things; sometimes as quite surprising gifts you never expected!  Here, you see, the consciousness all around you is conspiring to give you the most joyous physical experiences available to you, at your current vibratory level.

Are you open to accepting gifts?

Because they are being offered to you from many levels.


Now you also may notice other people’s glitter too.

You may have seen those beautiful old Byzantine paintings depicting subjects with a halo.  This is Old World glitter!

Artists of any timeline who tune in can detect these sparks; and build information communicated from them into a masterpiece that inspires viewers on multidimensional levels.

If others say to you, “I keep seeing things out of the corner of my eye,” then they are sensing glitter.  Gentleness is called for here. This may be a tender time in their awakening process, with concerns about sanity or failing health arising to be rebalanced.

Please do your best to guide them toward love, toward their eternal nature as sentient energy having a beautiful dream; and encourage their internal exploration of how things show up in their environment.

As your Others work through these belief systems, your tender guidance can assist them, as well as yourself, in remembering your nature as “aware energy” that is always expanding…and sometimes in a quite fiery fashion!


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,