Finding Dimes? They Are a Gift from Beyond

finding coins

Do you pick up a coin when you find it on the ground? Yes? No? Either way, it’s about abundance.

I ask people this question often if they pick up coins that they find. The answers are funny.

Some believe that coins such as pennies and dimes are not worth the effort; after all the streets are dirty and who knows what’s on them?  Not worth the risk, of contracting some weird disease that could change your life forever.

Now a QUARTER….that’s grounds for bending down, eh? I mean, you can always wash your hands at your destination.

Finding coins on the street is a beacon from your Higher Self to measure your current beliefs about abundance.

Awakening souls are tasked with assessing the self and where it is on the belief scale for life’s themes.  The theme of abundance is at the top of most lists in the Western World.

There are two lines of thought here regarding the finding of loose coins on the street and how the situation can relate to your beliefs about abundance.

It’s a gift from the Universe

If you are truly sending out your intentions to experience abundance, then you find a dime, this is physical evidence that you are in the correct vibration to receive it. Despite it “just” being a coin, which in our space/time doesn’t buy much, it’s a milestone for you.

Ask yourself if you have expectations about what abundance looks like.  Is it supposed to come in one chunk, like winning the lottery? Or can it come in unexpected ways, in other increments?  Does abundance always mean more money, or can you feel abundant in other ways?

This is a microcosmic glimpse of your belief systems, and thankfully, there is no suffering involved in the lesson being presented to you, if you’re aware that a simple coin on the ground has relevance for you.  Know that any increment of positive flow to you is abundance.


I’ll leave it for somebody else.

This line of thought still relates to your feeling of abundance, albeit in another way.  In this situation, you’re feeling abundant enough, and you would like to spread the wealth around, even so much as a dime’s worth of it. This situation is comparable to the decision of whether or not to take the toiletries from your hotel room, even if you have tons of unused toiletries at home.

Dig a tiny bit deeper: Ask yourself if you feel that you don’t NEED more, or if you don’t DESERVE more than you have. It could go either way, right? Another glimpse into the microcosm of You, and a chance to correct your thoughts if you feel they’re off-path to who you want to become.


There is no judgment here.

I write about these thought-provoking situations in hopes that they might provide a lantern in your journey to discovering more about yourself, what makes you tick, and remembering Who You Really Are.

I wish you great abundance in any way you see fit to experience it, even if it’s finding one dime at a time.  Love, from me to you.




author: Kimberly

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