Extra-Sensory Abilities are Yours for the Taking

Feel colors! Taste ideas!

your eyes do more than see
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As we move further into 5D, expect your eyes to do more than just see.

Growing up in Western culture, we’re taught that our eyes see, our ears hear, and our fingers touch.  Each sense was given a duty, and our physics supported that with “reliable studies with repeated results;” all to make us believe that there was some solidity and structure to their processes.

Well, that was part of the construct that is Earth.  It’s a stage condition, like time and distance.

Now that we’re more in touch with our Higher Selves that have been running the show, we’re able to extend those capabilities not only beyond what we’re told our five senses can do, but also to include the Sixth sense, which is your intuition.  And there are even new “reliable studies with repeated results” detailing the existence of that Sixth sense, not that you as an awakened being need that proven.  Physics is evolving right along with our consciousness.  Well, to rephrase that, consciousness has its own physics, but that explanation is for another day.

Now that the energy is more accessible to you, expect your senses to act differently.  For instance, you can look at a color now, and you can FEEL it.

Look at the color blue in this photo.  It’s not just a color, but it can also evoke an emotion in you.  Be it peace, or sleepiness, or sadness, the viewing of it with your eyes also emits a frequency that your body incorporates. And you are now a different person from the experience.

By seeing the color, you are changed in other ways than your eyes merely registering a shade of blue.

In a similar manner, you can taste something that invokes an idea, or touch something that brings up a fear for you to address.

Use your senses to expand yourself even more, to be the conscious master of your creation.  Let them help create a fully-rounded experience that includes internal sensations along with their previously-assigned functions of seeing, hearing and touching.  You have a great advantage here, with a more comprehensive opportunity to experience your new reality.



author: Kimberly

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