Earthly Guides in Human Form

Earthly Guides in Human Bodies

Earthly Guides: Mysterious Helpers in Human Form…

If you get a group with a glass of wine in them, and you ask them to tell you if they’ve ever met an angel, I guarantee that every single person, no matter what their level of consciousness, will have a story that they can’t explain.  Stories of earthly guides abound, largely undetected as such while the mystery overshadowed the event.

They may imitate the “Twilight Zone” theme song, or say it was Aunt Nellie contacting them from the other side, or, my favorite:  “It’s Hocus Pocus.”

I’ve heard that one more than once.

In any case, such occurrences are related to the sighting, sensing or physical interaction with a guide that’s temporarily in human form.  Does that freak you out or excite you?

Here’s how an interaction with an earthly guide often plays out:

  1. You are just doing your thing.
  2. Along comes a person that interacts with you.  Often it’s a person who looks shabby, homeless, or at rock bottom.
  3. You may speak, you may not.
  4. You might silently impose some initial judgment upon them (“get a job” or “he smells bad”.)
  5. You feel an emotion based on your interaction.  Common feelings are sympathy, creepiness, or warmth.
  6. You then sense that something is different about them.  You’re not sure what, you just know that something’s off.
  7. The person then disappears by making a quick turn to the right or left, or simply vanishing in front of you.

We have been conditioned to quell our telepathic abilities due to the historical tendency to suffer ridicule from others about it.  So you may have tried to write off the occurrence of a disappearing human as “bad eyes” or “your mind playing tricks on you.”  That’s typical Old Energy stuff.

In the New Energy of 5D, this will become the norm.  You will acknowledge that you felt a change in frequency in the presence of this guide, and in the other people you encounter on a daily basis.  You will honor yourself for recognizing these subtle energy variations.  And you will gain experience and growth from the encounters.

And soon it will be common practice for you to contemplate your interaction with people–including those that are just borrowing bodies to see if you’re paying attention– and glean the message being sent to you, BY you, to see how far you’ve come in your expansion.