The Cloak of Limitations on Earth – Time

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Why the Cloak of Limitations is in Effect on Earth

The Earth holds such exhilarating beauty if you open your eyes and mind to embrace it.  Our planet offers majestic mountains, deep blue waters, lush foliage and enormous expanses of raw terrain; no matter how one defines beautiful, planet Earth can supply us with an example to support that opinion.  We, as humans, decided to incarnate on this particular planet because it provides the perfect contrast for our intent, which was to experience the creative process of manifestation–or creating what we want by focusing thought and feeling on it. We (all of us, yes ALL of us) devised an environment that hid our true creative capabilities from ourselves.  Otherwise, we would immediately realize who we are, which is God incarnate, with all of the powers of Source; and the game would be over before it even started.

In order to allow humans to essentially “dissect” the process of creation, it was necessary to formulate an environment that set the stage for the “perception” of a delay, so that we could experience manifestation’s individual parts in linear fashion.  We devised a Cloak of Limitations that created this paradigm.

There are three elements to the Cloak of Limitations:

  • Time
  • Distance
  • Forgetfulness

We wanted to feel what it was like to actually experience the process of creation, rather than the process of immediate gratification, as it is while we are in Spirit.  Enduring the wait, exploring the undertaking of the required matching vibration necessary to create what we want, and experiencing the unrest when we don’t get what we think we asked for–or even worse–when we manifest the very opposite of what we wanted.

Today’s Service will address the first element, that of Time.

The Meaning of Time

While in Spirit, we simply have a desire, we match the vibration of it, and the desired item, circumstance or person manifests instantaneously.  Outside of our current incarnation, all occurrences, lives and experiences are happening instantaneously, everywhere, for everyone.

Albert Einstein was one of the first in modern science to suggest that time does not exist as an absolute, but rather that the past and the future are happening simultaneously–and that all we really have is the present.

“Time has no independent existence apart from the order of events by which we measure it.”
—Albert Einstein

Aside from the writings of Einstein, spirituality and science have been at odds with each other for the past 300 years; after all, it was not that long ago that Copernicus was thrown in jail for having the audacity to suggest that the earth revolves around the sun.  Thankfully, math did back up his theory, and the combined government/church/academic leaders that ran things released him.  Science requires falsifiable experiments with empirical evidence to back them up, which is a function of the intellect.  Spirituality stems from the heart, and has been nearly impossible for science to verify until recently when string theory and quantum physics began to meld the two.  Our scientists are slowly catching up with what spiritual leaders have been saying for thousands of years.

Explaining Time to the Awakened Individual

So, science aside, what is time?

Think of it this way.  Do you remember when you were a kid and you made a flip book?  Those are the books where you drew a picture–let’s say a cat–on the first page, and on the second page you drew NEARLY the same image, but perhaps you moved the cat’s tail.  The third page would be a similar image with the cat’s tail moved even further, and so on.  When you flipped the book from front to back, each individual image displayed in succession would turn into an animated action image.  This is how cartoons were made.

That’s what your mind is doing on Earth, behind the Cloak of Limitations.

Since every moment is NOW, we take a snapshot of our existence just as it is in any moment.

Then, we make a decision, or state a preference, or take an action, and that creates an alternate reality, instantaneously.  We are the same, but with our decision, preference or action, we have actually created a new set of circumstances, which creates a parallel reality for us.  We actually create a NEW WORLD with every decision, preference or action.  Now we take another snapshot of our new world from our new parallel reality.  And then we do it again, and again, and again.  It’s a flipbook for humanity, and this is how we experience time.

As we said, outside of the Cloak of Limitations, all decisions and their consequences are instantaneous, but under the Cloak, we are able to see our creations manifest in slow motion.


I believe that the illusion of time is the hardest element of the Cloak of Limitations for we as humans to grasp. And especially now, where we are entering into the First Wave of awakening, you will see that time is very malleable.


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