Are You Meeting People Vastly Different From Yourself?

Hint: they could look really different

energy comes in all forms
are you meeting people vastly different from you?

Integration means accepting all parts of yourself, which include other people that look, and live, vastly different from the way you do.

We all know about the homeless guy down the street, and we know that it’s right to send him love and compassion.  In this new Energy, there will be more people—different from yourself— showing up in your purview, for you to address.

On a microcosmic scale, that’s other humans that may live very different lives, who have made—consciously, or unconsciously—decisions that have put them on a different path than yours.  Your paths will cross for a short time, and you’ll have the chance to integrate that person, through understanding and acceptance, remembering that their path is unique to them; and that all paths lead home.

People you might encounter:

  • Physically or mentally-challenged humans
  • Those living an alternate lifestyle, such as homelessness, polygamy or asceticism
  • Those using fame or wealth to live to the extreme
  • Those vastly different in age than you who interact with you unexpectedly

On a macrocosmic scale, there are also alternate parts of yourself.  Those who don’t live in human bodies, for instance; those who, if they suddenly appeared before you, might scare the jeepers out of you. Those parts are coming back as well, to be integrated.

Beings you might encounter and how:

So this merging is happening on multiple levels, each bringing you closer to total integration with Source.  All good things!  Make sure to take note of what you see, feel or hear.  Even if you feel they have no relevance to your current life, you are planting seeds for future synchronicities.  Write them down and enjoy when their meaning reveals itself to you in the upcoming days.



author: Kimberly

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