Am I Falling Asleep Again? I’m Going Backwards!

Why Do I Go Two Steps Forward and One Step Back?

During the awakening process, it can seem like we take great strides forward, and then steps back into the 3D reality of selfishness, disconnection and separation.  It can feel like you are falling asleep again, rather than progressing along your awakening journey.

It SEEMS that way, but you’re not really going backwards.  You are not falling asleep again; that’s impossible.  Once you let the light in, you can’t “un-light” yourself.  You’re leaving the dark behind, my friend.

Life is all about the expansion of the soul through the experiences we choose to have–interactions with others, challenges, joys.

It’s fun to recognize when we’ve grown in an area, and celebrate that.  But there will be times when you feel like no growth is occurring; you may slip back into an old pattern of impatience, or neediness, or attachment to something you thought you’d already dealt with.

You are just assimilating your new growth — think of it as a plateau much like dieting.  You know that if you just keep going, you’ll start to lose that weight again.  Same thing.

You are deprogramming yourself of tens of thousands of years of Earth programming.  Give yourself a break!

Let the new “you” stew for a while, and you’ll soon see yourself growing again with new epiphanies, unforeseen joy, and excitement about what life has to offer you.



author: Kimberly

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