why crystals work

Crystals are magical things.  Despite being sparkly, they are also stepping stones in the awakening process, providing a tool to aid you in focusing your intentions.

Lots of people are afraid to venture into using crystals in their daily awakening practice.  There are so many of the damn things, each with its own properties and vibrations and uses.  Despite being a gemologist myself, I am still overwhelmed at times by all the possibilities that crystals offer.

Here’s my view on crystals: they do for you what you ask them to do.

This I can say with all certainty, spanning across all crystals used everywhere, for any purpose.

It’s simple:  Thought creates.

It doesn’t matter what you’re holding when you think something, what you say, or if you face East when you think it.  It’s merely the belief that these aids, such as crystals, are assisting you in sending out your intention.

If you say it is so, and you feel it is so, and you intend that it is so, then It Is So.

So do you need anything, really, to get what you want?  Nope.  But that’s a long stretch for someone just breaking out of the illusory gate.  Awakening, although certainly not linear, is a journey of small steps of increasing perspective.  Our human minds think in linear steps, and so it’s much easier to increase our vibration in increments as our perspective broadens.

So why do I use crystals if I know I don’t need them? Here’s why:

  • They’re beautiful and they bring me joy
  • They are a stunning example of the magnificence of Creation
  • They serve as a focal point for my magnified intention

If you would like to venture into crystals, I recommend starting by researching the basics*and then shopping for crystals in your own area.  It’s important that you get to touch them.  The right crystal will call out to you, and you’ll know which ones you’ll be taking home with you.

If you don’t have any crystal shops nearby, visit the Healing Crystals website and choose one that calls you from there.  Their metaphysical directory is, in my opinion, the best on the Internet.  Read up!


*If you like to hold good old books, try Judy Hall’s The Crystal Bible





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