What If You Became Famous Tomorrow?

what if you became famous overnight

There are few things that will reveal a person’s true character than being in the spotlight.

Back when you were asleep, you may have yearned to be adored, admired and worshipped as a public figure. I dunno, you may still yearn for that.

Think of the people that request bodyguards to take them to the grocery store, just in case an enthusiastic fan gets a little too close. Those who can’t go anywhere without someone snapping a photo.  Those whose every movement and spoken word are recorded for others to review and judge.

As we awaken, we expand our awareness of the governing beliefs that fuel our actions.  We see that some people (not all), aim for such fame in order to explore an insecurity, or underlying feeling of unworthiness, that is unconsciously running their show.

The focus on external influences solidifying an ego’s sense of value is an easy path to take when there are people giving you things, extolling on your beauty, youth, talent, or luck.  Feeling special is a great motivator.  And in today’s media whirlwind, this can happen literally overnight.

What if it happened to you?

Awakening Lightworker, how would the evolving YOU handle overnight fame?

Would it bring up the best in you?
Would you use your notoriety to spread compassion and a message of love?
Could you use your abundance to share with a wider berth of recipients?


Would it bring up the worst in you?
Would it flare up an ego that hasn’t been fully addressed and acknowledged?
Might you use your power to get what you want at the expense of others?


There are also other behaviors, in between:
Would you err on the side of humility, downplaying your talents and gifts because you don’t want to seem boastful?


Contemplating such things, even if it never happens, is the way your new, integrated, self can determine its preferences without having to endure painful catalysts in the physical world.  Now, we can view the various timelines before we take action, of how things could be, if we chose this…or that…or that.

See it in advance, feel what you would feel in that situation, and determine how you could be the most authentic you. It’s learning how to be yourself in any situation, whether you are sitting alone on a city bus like a regular citizen, or you’re walking down the red carpet.



author: Kimberly

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