Video: Awakening Symptoms at the Beginning of your Journey

Kimberly and Courtney tell what people experience once they awaken. ?

Every Lightworker’s experience is unique and the speed of awakening can be different. There is no telling how fast you will start experiencing the awakening symptoms and what exactly they will be.

For most people, this is a gradual process. However, sometimes awakening can come to you all of a sudden, just like it happened with Courtney. ?

In the beginning, you start developing your empathy. You start caring about other people and actually feel their energy. Actually, you always had this ability but rarely used it consciously. ?

For Courtney, awakening symptoms began with itching skin and headaches that indicate the flow of energy that has to be released. This is a common occurrence for Lightworkers.

To eliminate those aches and itching, find a way to let out the energy and do something to feel better. It may include exercising, getting closer to nature, showering, etc. ?

Another symptom you are bound to face is closer interaction with your higher self. This may have seemed like an intuition to you, but now you will actually start hearing a voice whispering and helping you.