Video: 11 Signs that You’re Waking Up

Kimberly and Kelly point out the key 11 signs that you’re waking up:

1. Repeating numbers;

2. Repeating patterns that aren’t numbers;

3. Crying;

4. Realizing you’re an empath;

5. Researching everything;

6. Buzzing and ringing in your ears;

7. Going through the cleansing process;

8. Exploring some “crazy” areas;

9. Clarity moments;

10. Decluttering;

11. Seeing a bigger picture.

Have you started experiencing these 11 signs? Congratulations! You’re awakening the Badass style! Embrace this new way of life, because you’re about to embark on a wild journey of recognizing your power.  You’re creating your entire reality, Trailblazer.  Make it what you want by sending out your desires to the Universe, and living in a state of gratitude.  That’s all you gotta do for your life to change.