you create your reality

One of the biggest challenges in the awakening process is the realization of the magnitude of your power.  You are creating your entire reality! So, why are there still things outside of your control?

Great question and it involves a paradox that may make you sit for hours to contemplate.  I hope you do because those few hours will springboard you out of the rabbit hole and into life in a big way.

Let’s break it down:

You are creating your reality, including all of the places and things within it.

You decided to divide yourself up into little bits of yourself, with all of your innate powers, and you told those other bits to go off and do things on their own.  They can wander here, or there, learn stuff, meet others, and develop very individual personalities along the way. This is called free will.

And even though these others are really just YOU, you gave them permission to surprise you with their reactions, beliefs, and thoughts…since if you knew what their every move would be in advance, it would be a very boring life.

This is a great paradox. That others are extensions of YOU, given permission to surprise you along your path in life.

That’s why there will always be things out of your control while you’re living on planet Earth.

Knowing this, it may be easier for you to sit back and stop planning.  Know that life is unpredictable and delicious and deep in its possibilities of what can happen.

You’re able to handle anything that arises in any situation, by the way, because you have access to the Universal wisdom necessary, by way of your past lives as well as the lives of all those others you set loose.

Now go out and be surprised!



author: Kimberly

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