The Power of Sound

It's what you are made of.

you are being upgraded with sound
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“Sound represents the physicalization of spiritual energy into a frequency that can be accessed in our reality.”

–Lyssa Royal Holt, from her Galactic Heritage Card collection.

Sound has been used by civilizations from time immemorial for both healing and warfare.  Think of being in a stadium when everyone is cheering; it can bring goosebumps to your skin, the power of that frequency.  Think of a baby crying, and it can bring about the desire to nurture, or even annoyance.  Tinkling bells, the rumble of a motorcycle, rain.

In the new 5D energy, you are being upgraded using sound frequency; you may be sensitive to it or not, depending on how aware you are of the changes in your energy.  You could hear tones in your ears (an extremely common awakening sign) or hear actual sounds in your head that no one else hears. The tones from singing bowls, or the hum of a group of monks chanting OM will incite different emotions and affect your body in a myriad of ways.

Last year, I showed a group how to create a Spotify list that included songs that send subtle messages to your soul.  If you would like to see how that’s done, click here.

Today, pay attention to which sounds feel harmonious to you, and which feel disharmonious.  Listen to music that uplifts your frequency, and turn off your chattering mind long enough to feel the vibration that occurs in the body.


If you are interested in learning more about Lyssa Royal Holt’s work, click here.

You can purchase her Galactic Heritage Cards here.  Note that we do receive a small affiliate bonus for your purchase, and we thank you.



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