The Dissolving 3D Reality: Your World is Not Solid

We’ve been functioning within one of the greatest ruses ever concocted: that our physical reality is rigid and immutable, and that if you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.

As the world awakens, individuals are presented with the opportunity to challenge such limiting beliefs by allowing a shift in what they thought was possible within the constructs of life on Earth and their physical reality.

Here are some basic, concrete examples of the programming under which we’ve been living:

  • There is an ideal weight for your gender and height, and you must remain there until you die.
  • You should work at least 8 hours per day.
  • If you are not in a long-term relationship, there is something wrong with you.
  • You must sacrifice things if you want to be successful.
  • Youth and beauty equate to power.

Now, let’s go out a little further and challenge some even more deep-seated beliefs about our physical reality fed to you by authorities, who want to keep you contained within their reality:

  • The Earth revolves on its axis every 24 hours.
  • Only doctors with medicine can heal you.
  • Humans cannot fly because gravity won’t allow it.
  • History occurred exactly as it was documented in textbooks.

No doubt, if you bring up these subjects at your average dinner party, you will receive some askant smirks. Not everyone is ready to challenge such well-seated beliefs without visual evidence proving otherwise, because they were taught that authorities know better than they do.

But you are ahead of the population, and you are ripe to consider questioning ALL of your beliefs about how our world works.  As we move into 4th Density, those innate abilities we’re told we don’t have will begin to bloom, and there will be visual evidence for those with minds open enough to consider them.  There will always be those who will never see your point of view, and that is OK.


Just a little taste of how those latter beliefs can be challenged by you, right now:


The Earth revolves on its axis every 24 hours.

What’s an hour?  It’s related to linear time, and linear time is simply another Earthly construct that we’ve invented.  Although we’ve documented that the Earth revolves on its axis, the time aspect of that statement is arbitrary at best.  It’s an old Babylonian thing, when someone decided to use the sexagesimal (counting by 60s) for mathematics and astronomy.


Only doctors with medicine can heal you.

That’s great for pharmaceutical companies and the doctors that are paid to prescribe the drugs they market.  Yet there are plenty of scientifically-documented occurrences to support the notion that humans can heal their own bodies simply with intention.  Check out Gregg Braden’s material for that, especially where he films naturopaths in China chanting away cancer from a patient’s body in 3 minutes, documented with Ultrasound.


Humans cannot fly because gravity won’t allow it.

If you redefine flying, and consider quantum physics, it’s not all that inconceivable that you can move your astral body to a new location, and your physical body as you are in physical reality catches up to it.  You do this every time you know someone’s going to call.  Your astral body is connecting to someone while your physical body remains stationary.  This atomic transition is documented by Earth physicists, if people cared to research it.  Plus, Willy Wonka was able to perform this feat way back in the 70’s, with both chocolate bars and unruly children.


History occurred exactly as it was documented in textbooks.

This is my favorite one.  Check out any search engine for information on what’s kept in the basement at the Smithsonian.  From unearthed 2-billion-year-old metal screws, to dinosaur and human footprints side by side, history has been picked through to support the notion that humans were stupid, powerless beings governed by forces of nature and chance until the Industrial Revolution changed our way of life.

Challenge your beliefs about everything that seems so rigid to you, and know that as we move into 4th Density, these limitations will fall away.

Want to start now?  Check out How to See Extra-dimensionals with your TV set.



author: Kimberly

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