Simplifying Your Wardrobe? Healing Some Huge Stuff!

Have you found yourself staring into your clothes closet with no recognition of why you went there in the first place? That’s great news!

You are not acquiring dementia.  Albeit, it can be a scary thing to forget why you went to a certain area and then you find yourself at a loss as to why.  When it comes to your wardrobe, there’s a whole lot going on in the background for most of us.  Think of how clothes “matter” in our Western culture.

You’re being led there by your Higher Self, and congratulations on following your inner compass.  That’s a huge step!

Waking up from the illusion of 3D Earth reality means that the wool is no longer pulled over your eyes.  Each day, you’ll glimpse more and more of the dream-like state that your soul is in.

You will start to see the world as the malleable environment that it is, created by Life as a playground for experiences that expand our ability to love and take us back to the Light.

Once we grasp (and it is by no means linear) that we are living in a big hologram, then many of the “things” that we found important are no longer so.

So you’ll start to simplify because “things” are energy, and your focus on them requires your energy.

That’s great for “things” that you love, but if it’s “things” that don’t bring you joy, then you’ll realize that your energy is better focused elsewhere.

This happens with stuff that you own, people, jobs, and how you present yourself to the world.  Especially your wardrobe.

You’ll look in your closet and notice that you really only wear about 20% of the clothes that you own. And you will start to declutter your wardrobe and focus on wearing things that you love.

While staring blindly into your closet, there are many processes happening inside you. You are awakening subconscious belief systems to bring them to the surface.

These beliefs may be about:


It’s not a long stretch to understand the survival aspect; part of you in some other incarnation most likely lived in great scarcity, and articles of clothing were a valuable asset.



Again, another one of You in some incarnation (and don’t forget that it could be this incarnation!) has placed great importance on having a lot of belongings.  Often considered a sign of prestige, living in luxury required quite the accumulation of luxurious things.  Silks, furs, and gems.  You know the story of what people will do to get them.


External Influence

Recognition (or envy, or worship) by others has been a recurrent theme in Earth’s incarnations for, well, ever. This one is prevalent in our current society, and many souls awakening are addressing or failing to address, the need for praise and admiration in order to maintain an identity.  If this is you, well you’re not alone.


You can be addressing these beliefs even if you’re unaware that you are, as you pack those things into bags.  Earth’s new energies facilitate this clearance, allowing you to move on to experience joy rather than struggle.

So move those clothes, and—yes—-shoes, out of your life and into someone else’s who really needs that energy right now.  Everyone grows with each kind act of generosity.



author: Kimberly

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