Pulsing Feet? That’s Great News

pulsing feet

Been sitting around lately, and you feel a huge surge of energy in your feet?

It’s like your feet are pulsating, just like they have their own heartbeat. Sometimes I dig out my cell phone to make sure it wasn’t a text message that arrived while on vibrate. It’s normal to try to explain it away like that; you’re not crazy for doing it. Human nature.

Enjoy that Kundalini energy rising!  This is a fantastic sign that any inner work you’ve been doing is paying off.  Have you been actually feeling your feelings lately, rather than stuffing them down?  Good.  Your body is moving that energy out, with a little help from our living planet.

Simply stated, the energy sent up from Earth is entering through your feet, and meeting the Source energy that is sent down through the crown chakra on top of your head.  You are a transducer of energy!

Where the two points meet determines how much of your energy centers have been activated.  The higher the meeting point, the more of the physical You has been integrated into your light being.

For right now, don’t be overly concerned with how much you’re activated, because if you’re feeling such strong pulses that you think it’s a text message, then you’re being taken well care of.  Let the process happen without your mind getting involved right now.

Feeling that pulse always makes me smile (and look around to see if I made some stupid face about it in public) because I know that good things are coming.  The more activated I am, the more fun life gets as I move through several realities at once.

Enjoy these positive signs!

*If you have access to a telescope or binoculars, look at the moon tonight.  There is stuff going on up there. 🙂



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