Make the Messages in Songs Work for You

Listening to Awakening music on Spotify, understanding messages from your Higher Self.

Yes, that song is for you.

Part of awakening is understanding that you have always been sending yourself signs to guide you to your next desire. People have all sorts of cool names for these signs: breadcrumbs, guideposts, and sparks. I just call them messages. Once you are able to at least CONCEDE that you are creating everything in your reality, you can acknowledge those signs and feel into what they are trying to tell you.  One of the easiest ways to check out your self-channeling abilities is in songs.

You! You are songwriter. An artist. A poet.

Since we are all one, it’s really YOU creating all this cool music.

We’ve all got a song that means something–evokes an energy, a fond memory, or a brutal one. Music has emotion built right into it, with the changes in frequency necessary to create different tones that our ears can hear. Add the lyrics to that and you have a powerful communication channel from your Higher Self to you. Tune in!

Here’s a way to start getting comfortable with gleaning messages from songs presented to you.

I use Spotify because they make it super simple.

    1. Open Spotify on your device and click the Browse icon at the bottom.

Start making your Spotify music playlist

    1. Then, click on Discover.

Discover music for your awakening process on Spotify

    1. Click on “Your Discover Weekly” to display the songs that Spotify has chosen for you this week.  My new list is loaded every Monday afternoon.

Weekly awakening songs playlist on Spotify

Spotify will choose songs from current artists, new releases similar to songs you already have liked, and with similar themes or tones to those you have in your library.

Now, look at the songs in the list. Do any of the titles stick out to you? The artist, the album? Visual messages are often sent this way.

Listen to the songs. Do any of them answer recent questions you’ve had?  Evoke an emotion? Make you angry or like you could clean your whole house and not think it’s work?  This is the energy of music working its wonders on your awesome being.

In all honesty, your first couple of lists may not show much until you show the Universe that you are focusing on music as a valid means of communication with yourself. Send out that intention, and for God’s sake, HAVE FUN! Every song will most likely not apply, at least right now. If it makes you angry, or you sense discord in your body, then skip to the next song. Your Higher Self will send you messages for options for multiple paths; you want to go sad, you’ll resonate with the somber songs. You wanna spread your wings and fly? Then that music will feel great to you.

Save the songs or collect the lyrics in a journal so that you can refer to them later. If a word, line, or title sticks out to you, you’re meant to pay attention to it. That’s how such messages are sent–they are subtle. Oh, and yes, it’s normal to listen to the same song 84 times in a row. All of my friends do it, too.

I made my own personal playlist of songs that spoke to me, entitled surprisingly enough, “Meaningful Messages.” It’s now over 125 songs that I can rest assured will get me warm and fuzzy faster than a pint of Haagen-Dazs.

Each week, you will receive new songs and, if nothing else, you’ll be exposed to a wider variety of music than you’d normally choose.

Happy Treasure Hunting!



author: Kimberly

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