Lightworkers: Others Won’t Suffer Like You Did

How your hard times serve humanity

lightworker healing with energy
lightworkers have healed for the collective

Lightworkers are like lighthouses for the rest of the world in the dark.

We’ve experienced the heartbreaking loss.  We’ve healed it.

We’ve investigated the role of the ego in our behavior, and we know how to put it in its place when necessary.

We’ve been on both the giving and the receiving end of things, and we’ve learned growth from both perspectives.

We’ve looked at our own monsters, and acknowledge when they need attention.


Many of these catalysts the general population has still yet to experience.

The world is waking up.  There is a great increase in inquiries about the non-physical, the meaning of life, and galactic history.  People are starting to wonder if there is a connection between what they are thinking and what is showing up in their reality.

They are starting to go within.  And if you recall, that was pretty painful.

One of the pacts of Lightworkers was that we’d heal much of the imbalance on behalf of the Collective. We agreed that those awakening after us would not suffer the severe struggles that we needed to feel.  We have deemed that their path will be less difficult than ours was.

Lightworkers have done a mass amount of healing on behalf of the Collective, so that those awakening now will experience a less arduous path to inner transformation.

There will soon be a time when some confused people will be coming to you for assistance.  They will recognize your peacefulness and your open mind, and they will seek guidance.

Assure them that they will be fine, that all of the changes are for the better, and gently remind them that all of their answers are inside them.  If they ask for resources, provide them.  Remember that they have all the guidance they need; they just forget that they do.

Then, send your love and support and know that these intentions are invaluable right now.



author: Kimberly

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