Itchy Ears? You’re Balancing Things Out

It's the #1 most reported awakening sign!

itchy ears awakening symptom

The Shift is well on its way, and as your frequency changes, so does your body.  Did we say itchy?

You are evolving spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Your body, for its part, is updating itself from a carbon-based vehicle to a lighter, crystalline-based form that transfers energy much more efficiently than your previous state. Great news, because you’ll start to see that your body will feel younger; fewer chronic pains, less sluggish movements, and heightened senses.  Greaaaat. I love crystals, so the thought of my body turning into one makes me go, “Squeeeeeeeeeee!”

While you go about your day, you may experience any number of temporary symptoms that signal an energetic upgrade being performed on you.

My favorite new one is itchy ears.


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Oh, and it’s not the outside of the ear, where you can scratch with a well-placed fingernail. Nope, it’s INSIDE your ears, where even a cotton swab isn’t going to reach. I’m sure you’ll try to scratch that itch a few times until you realize that it’s inside your head. So begins the head-shaking, face-making, eyes-scrunched motions that accompany something you can’t break loose.

Itching is a common symptom of healing, by the way. Ask anyone who has ever had a cast on.

And since we can’t act like horses scratching on a fencepost in public, just remember that it’s temporary, and once your upgrades have completed their current cycle, you will integrate further and the itching will subside.  The placement of the itch in the inner ears is a sign that you are balancing things, whether that be light vs dark polarity, the spiritual/physical human experience, or forgiveness, which immediately helps to clear out any acquired karma from this lifetime.

So what’s the difference between itching in the left ear vs the right ear?

Well, your body is a concept.  Within that concept, humanity has deemed the left side of the body as the feminine side, and the right side of the body as the masculine side.  So if your left ear is itching, you may ask yourself what feminine qualities are you exploring at the moment.  Is it softness?  Passivity? Acceptance?  Likewise, for the right ear on the masculine side: forward movement, aggression, overpowering drive?

Gives you something to think about, doesn’t it?

So it’s not so bad, Lightworker, even if you can’t reach inside your head to fix things right away.

You’re growing! Enjoy your evolution as you become more authentic! You’re becoming more of an authentic You.




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