If My Answers Are Within, Why Listen to You?

External + Internal = Human Life

what does go within mean

You’ve been told by a myriad of resources that all of your answers are within.  So why would you research anything?

Remember the game “Clue?”  I loved that little candlestick, and using my wits to figure out the answer to who murdered whom with what. It’s like that.  You reach out to various resources to get clues, or breadcrumbs, as I call them, to lead you to the next vein of introspection. Here’s how you will recognize a clue:

Let’s say you want to research the existence of Extraterrestrials (always a burning question among awakening souls.)

You start with a search engine, or if you are brave, YouTube, and you arrive at a number of results.  You click on one that looks “interesting.”

As you read or watch, pay attention to your gut.

Is it calm, excited, or does it feel like you ate cement? Your gut will be the first indication if the material is aligned with your Truth.

“Wait, what Truth?”

Your Truth is that which your Higher Self knows to be accurate according to the Universal Laws, many of which we’ve hidden from ourselves in order to live within the limitations of Earth existence.  Most of our Truth began hidden behind the veil, and our quest is to reveal answers in the process of growth.

So if material “feels” right—meaning that you can incorporate it into your current set of beliefs without a bunch of burning unanswered questions—then keep ingesting it.

If it feels uncomfortable, then move on to the next resource.  In the process of reading or watching, you will have made a decision about what you prefer (growth!!!!) and you will incorporate that choice into the new, authentic you.  You have now helped to expand the Universe, from your particular perspective.

Admittedly, you will probably be ravenous for research in the beginning of your awakening process.

Aas you evolve, you will desire less input from outside sources.  You will come to understand that the synchronicities you experience in daily life will contain your breadcrumbs, and in the process, you’ll learn to trust your inner guidance more.

Yet don’t get caught in the trap of hermithood!  You also came here to experience relationship; with yourself, with the material you read, with conversations you have.  Aim to be grateful for any information coming your way in this free-flowing world rife with it.  It wasn’t always that way.



author: Kimberly

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