How to See Extra-Dimensionals Using your Television Set

seeing extradimensionals

Your eyes only see within a small spectrum of what’s in your local environment.  Yet so many beings exist outside of our visible spectrum. You can learn to see them too, right in your own home.

You’ll use your television set, and it will be UNPLUGGED.

Detailed below is a simple way to hone your viewing skills of extra-dimensionals, or those entities that occupy the space that we see as nothingness, and interact with our world.


So who are these entities and why are they here?

Although we decided to incarnate as humans into dense physical bodies to experience the illusion of solidity, there are troves of other entities that choose a different experience, who exist in a less solid form.  They are not subject to the limitations of gravity and linear time as we’ve chosen to be.  And yet they — extra-dimensionals share our environment, interact with our physical surroundings, experience our events, and feel along with us—all from their own non-physical perspective, their own spectrum.

Since we were born into a veil of forgetfulness, our eyes were created to only see so much by default. We question our sanity when we see things we can’t explain away with science like extra-dimensionals. Things fleeting out of the corner of our eye, or perhaps flashes of light where there should be none.  We might laugh them off as exhaustion, drunkenness, or hallucinations.  We might take medicine to shut these occurrences out, or to categorize them as something that is wrong with us.

All along, such occurrences have been happening in hopes of triggering something in you to question them.  When we start recognizing that these and other coincidences happen too often to be random, we inquire of ourselves if our world is really what authorities tell us it is. This is when we accept the potential existence of unseen forces.

There is a point at which you flip over, from the place of a doubter of forces that we can’t see, to one of a believer.

When the flip occurs, you will trust your intuition more often than you doubt it.

This is when you are ripe to start developing your clairvoyance skills by visually interacting with the extra-dimensionals that are hanging around you right now.

Do you see where the necessity of belief is so important?  Going into any practice from an attitude of doubt will yield you exactly those results.  So aim to suspend doubt—at least for a few minutes—by stating your intention to allow in some fun magic.  You could say something like this:

“I will pause the skeptic for a few minutes and allow in a new experience without judgment.”

All you’re really doing is asking your eyes to see something they haven’t yet been trained to see.  Unless you had a lot of monster story traumas from your childhood, you will most likely be able to suspend this doubt for a few minutes and have some fun with extra-dimensionals.

Regarding protection:

As you awaken, you will recognize that you are the complete creator of your reality. You understand that any request for protection will bring you something to protect yourself from.

If the above statement triggered you, it may open a line of self-inquiry regarding your belief about your power, or lack of it.

Either way, let’s use a simple intention for the invitation of higher thought forms for collaboration purposes:

“I live in the love and the light of All That Is, and I invite all consciousness of equal or higher frequency to co-create with me on our journey to serve others.”

You are not required to use my statement, or any statement if you don’t want to.  The importance is in the intent—how you feel—rather than the words.


Now you’re ready to invite in some visual representations of extra-dimensionals to your space.


  1. Make sure that you will be free from interruption.  This means cell phone and other distractive devices should be off and unplugged.  They send out EMFs that will be interacting with your visitors and the skies are busy enough.
  2. Darken the room to near dark.  If you have a night light, plug it in behind you so that you can see the shape of objects, but not the details.
  3. If you relax better to music, play it at a low volume.  This will help to drown out neighbor noise and traffic.
  4. Sit in a comfortable position (no, it doesn’t have to be cross-legged) in a chair, on the sofa, or on the floor facing your television set, which should be turned off and unplugged.  The important part is that you are comfortable and can relax your body enough that it doesn’t need to send you signals of pain or discomfort.
  5. You should be facing your television, positioned as far away as possible from it within your view. If, like me, you do not own a television set, then use a computer monitor.  Same deal, unplug it.  The idea is to have a large, dark, object in the background of your view, some distance from where you will be seated.
  6. Remove any glasses that you wear.  Your eyes can see just fine without them.
  7. Use any ritual you have to relax yourself.  Deep breaths, chanting, or focusing on a point of nothingness with closed eyes. The goal is to be relaxed, so that your body is free from discomfort enough to detect external communication.
  8. When you feel good about this, open your eyes, and face the blank television screen.  Now relax your gaze, like when you zoned out in school during history.  As you do this, objects in the room will become slightly blurry and their edges will be fuzzy.

As you relax your gaze, your mind may start racing to other subjects completely disassociated with your current task. The ego is used to filling in silence, for it’s terrifying.  No big deal.  Just tell it you’re busy and leave it at that.

  1. Now, with your gaze still relaxed, focus your mind’s eye on the space in between you and your television screen. Although we are used to viewing this space as NOTHINGNESS, this is the space that extra-dimensionals will populate while they are interacting with our world.
  2. Notice that the space, which although darkened, is not as homogenous as we think it is.  There could be varying shades of darkness, for instance, lighter grays and darker grays on the same wall. Or a quick whip of darker light just outside of the center of your vision. There could be pinpoints of light, or colored mist (my favorite) that forms, dissipates, and forms again. The dark screen is there to help you adjust your eyes to the space between you.  After your eyes have become accustomed to seeing in the darkness, you can begin exploring the space between you and other objects in the room.
  3. Look for such things as wispy light, hazy fog, flashes, colors and dark spots (don’t freak out, they are just denser entities or those practicing creating an appearance of solidity.) Don’t forget to breathe. It’s easy for that skeptic to jump in and try to explain things.  Remind it you’re just having a new experience, and that you’re having fun.
  4. Now it’s time to communicate.  Consider them as simply other forms of you, who have decided to look at life from a different viewpoint.  They are just as curious about you as you are about them. Remember your power, and that you are completely safe.
  5. Ask for names, words or impressions.  See if you can associate a particular message to the occurrence in front of you.  Does it feel like that flash of light just said that?  Your gut will answer you. Just fun, you aren’t being graded for your work.
  6. Note any feelings in your body.  You might feel:
    • Tingling on top of head (that’s your violet ray energy center)
    • Muscle twitches.  Left side could be feminine-related, right side masculine-related.
    • Ears popping like you’re raising in altitude (Get it? Your vibration is rising so you can interact)
    • Gentle pressure on your skin, or feeling that you have a hair tickling your face
    • Eyes burning.  You are finally using them.  Truth in film yet again.
    • Air blowing in ears.  This is a change in frequency occurring right next to you.

We are being treated gently here, by those extra-dimensionals surrounding us, because they know it’s a huge step of faith to reach out like this and suspend years of conditioning about their existence.

Communicate with love, and respect.  These instructions were written with the guidance of those who will help initiate you into their non-physical world, from a place of sincere desire to assist you in your growth. If you view the interaction as a co-creation of mutual experiences on both sides of the veil, rather than a cheesy séance, then you will open the communication channels to receive remarkable interactive growth opportunities.

Hopefully, this practice will remind you that you are never alone.  It doesn’t take long–just some linear time and an ever-lengthening suspension of doubt, to communicate with all the other You’s that have been partnering with you on your journey.


Remember, always be You, all the time.  Love.


Below is a photograph of a phenomenon you may see during your practice.  Photo is courtesy of Goldie at The Phoenix Rising Emporium in British Columbia. This demonstrates that there is so much going on in the space between objects. Thanks Goldie!



author: Kimberly

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