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Are You Ready to Uplevel Your Spiritual Growth?

One complaint or concern you may have about your own personal journey of spiritual growth is that you only have your own limited set of memories and experiences on which to draw for actualizing that growth.

The truth, however, is that you have access to far more memories to learn from than merely the ones you were actually physically present to form. You can actually outsource your memories to others; and, they can do the same to you. We outsource our own memories to other people and source our own memories from other people all the time.

By listening to other people’s stories, your higher self is introducing other experiences for you to integrate that are already labeled as in the “past.” You have sent these experiences, these memories, to yourself via these other people’s stories. That’s because, since we are all One—all a part of the same singular, infinite, eternal whole—these memories from the lives of other people are also your own memories–including people no longer alive, even people who died before you were ever born to form your first personal memory from your own direct experience.

Where Do You Start?

Perhaps you want to focus on a particular area of growth, but you feel you lack the memories, the personal experiences, from which to help yourself grow in these areas. Well, there are other helpful memories and experiences just waiting there at your fingertips (or neuron tips?) for you to use to your own benefit.

If you want to activate memories associated with a specific area of growth––personal empowerment, self-love, compassion, forgiveness––and you lack those direct experiences in your own life history, then dive into other peoples’ stories about that growth area and relive those experiences from their perspective.

Through this intentional focusing, you will start getting your own creative juices flowing regarding your present existence and current situations in certain key areas of growth you need.

How Does It Work?

We are each unique manifestations of individual aspects of that greater whole—the One: each with access to the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of all the other aspects.

Normally, we live our own unique lives forming our own unique set of experiences to develop into the most fully realized versions of our potential selves. So, there’s no need to manifest anyone else’s memories in this external, physical reality unless you make the choice to do so because it somehow serves your own journey to enlightenment. That other version of you has already lived it out. You get to decide if your current identity would be served by bringing it forth into the physical.

It even gives you the opportunity to learn from that experience in a way that the person who actually had the experience may not have (yet.) It brings forth the meaning in those moments, even if the people who were actually present in those moments are still figuring that out.

How You Help Others With Their Memories

By helping to manifest that meaning, in fact, you could be helping those others to glean the same value as you from those memories. If you and they are part of the same whole––as you are––then, just as you can experience their own memories as your own, they can integrate your resulting revelations and actions as their own new experiences and memories. It may be only on a purely unconscious level, but it’s there for those others to use in kind just as you. It’s possible to take the best parts of someone else’s experience and grow from that.

According to modern science, we borrow each other’s memories all the time; we tell other people’s stories as if they were our own. In the One, however, they are all our own––there for each of us to (re)experience, wrangle with, and learn from.

It’s not even too far-fetched to consider these memories as literally your own. For, you could have been that person, or a similar one lived that or a similar life in a previous life or a parallel reality in our grand multiverse. People perform past-life regressions to access their past lives and learn the lessons there for them in the present all the time. But, you don’t need to go through that process to claim ownership of another’s memories so you can take responsibility for what they have to show you and take proactive action to manifest those learnings in your own life.

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