Happening Soon: Your Weird Skills Coming into Play

Ever wonder why you had that odd job or ability in earlier years that never really seemed to fit in with your plan?

The Game of Life is set up to provide you with endless opportunities to discover who you are.  That includes those weird jobs, unique traits, and special abilities in your past that you thought were useless deviations from your path to success.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, “Someday algebra will save your life.”

Nothing is random.  So if you can’t figure out where that particular puzzle piece is supposed to fit, then expect some upcoming fun while that information is revealed to you.  It’ll come into play.

You, beautiful soul, are creating every situation, event, person and experience in your reality.

Since your Higher Self can see the map with your destination on it, it will nudge your human self to learn the skills you’ll need to navigate your way around Earth’s game board.  Back when you were asleep, you probably found the situation random or boring and you wondered why you were there. Perhaps something to pass the time, or until you got a better job.

Here are some examples from my friends of boring jobs and abilities that came into play at just the right time later in their lives:

  • Working at a garden center tending plants
  • Bartending
  • Answering phone calls in a call center
  • Required electives in college
  • Rescuing animals
  • Decorating the blackboard in a retail store (*my story is below)
  • Cleaning antiques

This concept is conveyed in the movie “Yes Man,” with Jim Carrey.


And if you haven’t used all of those abilities you picked up in your past, rest assured that there will be a time in your future in which just that ability is needed.  You can just hang around and muse what that situation will be.

For me, I still don’t know why I can write backwards.  Not a clue how that’ll play out.

When the situation does arise, you might chuckle remembering that you set yourself up so long ago, to be prepared for this particular instance, in this particular situation, in this particular moment. A part of you knew way back then that this time would come, and it prepared you for it all those years ago.

That’s how magical is our existence, Lightworker.  You have every single skill necessary to navigate your world, all right inside you. Nothing is random!


Earth Energy






444 (All is well)

377 (Creative energy is flowing)


*Background story if you want to read it:

In my early 20’s I had the most boring job ever; it was a sales job in which there was very little selling, and a lot of rearranging clothes on shelves.  Yet the music was good, the pay was good, and I made lots of friends there.  The store featured a blackboard on which someone would hastily scrawl a “thanks for visiting” message.  It was dull, boring and taking up prime real estate on the wall behind the cash registers. Every day I scowled at that thing–such wasted canvas…and every day I came in and vowed to make that blackboard something people would talk about.  I asked if I could start using colored chalk to draw pictures to accompany the words.  Once granted permission, the managers let me use store time to design and create the artwork on the board.  Instead of folding clothes, the team decided as a group what the next fun image would be. With such support, my art became more detailed and expressive. And foot traffic increased in the store, perhaps because the energy had changed there with a more upbeat environment.

The job lasted as long as it did, and although I was fondly recognized for my artistic contribution, I never thought a thing about the opportunity I had been given to hone my artistic skills and get paid for it.  Those skills have developed into a love for art and the desire to further express myself in many mediums. And yes, now I do get paid for my artwork.




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