Happening Now: Underarm Madness


happening now: itchy underarms

It’s the pits, for sure. Yet your underarms are great indicators that your body wants some change.

One day, you may wake up and whatever you put on your armpits seems to burn and itch as if you rubbed hydrochloric acid under there.  Of course, you didn’t, but it can sure feel like that when you aren’t used to experiencing anything odd during your morning routine.

For me, it was an overnight thing:  one day, everything was fine. Then the next day, I used my regular natural deodorant, and it felt very different. Besides the irritation that made me feel like a puppy annoyed by an itch he can barely reach, my underarms felt angry! Irritated, annoyed, stomping their figurative feet on the ground as if to say, “No more of this.”

OK, so why?  WHY?  Why can’t just one part of the body not be affected by awakening symptoms?  It’s a rhetorical question, by the way, and it was asked in jest.  It’s possible that every part of your body will be affected in some way, shape or form, as you awaken.

Symbolically, any time your body is showing new “symptoms,” it’s a message from you, to you:

“What is this symbolizing?”

We believe that you might want to remember the following:

Your physical body is a representation of how you feel about yourself.

If you have associations with underarms, then your Self wants you to know that perhaps it’s time to review these associations.

Areas to poke with a stick:

External vs internal power

Hopefully this will get your inner fires going, and your underarms will give you a break.  Remember that you are loved and cherished, and we’ll put our ethereal arms around you whether you’re sweaty or not.


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