Happening Now: Timeline Jumping

(a billion times a second...)

timeline jumping

As Earth’s frequency increases, you’ll be manifesting your desires faster than ever.  Think of something, and soon enough, there it is.

As linear time’s importance fades into the distance and time is more pliable, you won’t be waiting as long to receive the things you desire.  Now’s the time to practice eliminating that mind chatter.  Keep a crystal clear vision of your desires, and when doubt arises, deal with it right there.  So let’s talk about timelines, and how they affect what you see in your physical world.

Timelines are a “linear” string of past and future events that have already occurred.  As you go through each moment of your life, you are changing timelines a billion times per second.

Put your hand in front of your face and focus on it.  Now move it a couple of inches in any direction.

You’ve just jumped like a bazillion timelines.

There’s a timeline for the original placement of your hand, and there’s another one for every minuscule movement your hand made on its way towards its destination.  Each timeline has a specific past that occurred prior to your moving your hand, and a different future that resulted from the movement of your hand.

Every single differing thought, feeling and action puts you on a new timeline.

All possibilities exist in our Universe.  Your desire is there waiting for you to focus on it and bring it into view. Can you now see why it’s important, if you really, really, really want something, to stay focused on it?  Each time you digress from your desire by thinking a conflicting thought about your goal, you jump onto a different timeline that affects your future.

But don’t freak out!  You can always correct your course, by laughing, resending your intentions, and feeling the way you’d feel if you had it right now.  In one second, you can be back on your desired timeline.

Add to your understanding of timelines the remembrance that you’re creating your own reality.

And so is everyone else, even if they are unconscious of timelines or their being the creator.  Of course, you and your friends share a great number of timelines— the collective does this as we share the props used to set up this wonderful and exhausting planet—and those props span many timelines, which is why your surroundings look similar from moment to moment.

If there is something you really, really want, then hold off telling your friends. They’d want to help you, of course.  They might tell you recent news about your desired thing, or inject personal opinions that result in your doubting whether you’ll ever fulfill your desire at all.  Such information delivered by your well-meaning friends could send you to a timeline that doesn’t have the future you’re looking for, so consider keeping big things to yourself.

As you further awaken, you’ll be needing less and less external input anyway.  Your imagination will blossom, you’ll hone your visualization skills, and it will be easier to see those desires manifest into the physical.  This is a natural progression.  Nothing you need to do other than take care of yourself.

Humanity is starting to recognize some shifts in the collective timeline too.  Try an Internet search for “The Mandela Effect” for some lively discussions surrounding pop-culture of past Earths.  “Was it Berenstain or Berenstein?”



author: Kimberly

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