Happening Now: Seeing Faces When You Close Your Eyes

Welcome to Oneness.

seeing faces when you close your eyes

Trying to sleep but you’re invaded by images of people you don’t know?

So after a hectic day of humanness, with its expectations, reoccurring doubts and small epiphanies…you lay your head on the pillow, close your eyes, hoping for sleep….and then an entourage of faces start parading across that projection screen in your head.

It’s the screen where you visualize your fantasies, and play out all of the day’s misshapen situations.  Depending on how much practice you have in visualization, the images projected on this screen can appear holographic, like you are in the midst of a scene, or flat, just in front of your physical eyes. This is the screen of your third eye. This screen is where the cool stuff happens, and it’s going to get a lot of use in your awakened lifestyle.  Let the show begin!

So what can these people look like?

  • Some may look human (you’ll think: “I don’t know that person, who is he?”)
  • Some could look sort-of human (you’ll think: “Oh that’s the gray guy from Ancient Aliens”)
  • Some may look like monsters (you’ll think: “Damn, was that the three-eyed guy from the bar scene in Star Wars? He looks like he eats children”)
  • Some could be animals that you’ve never seen on Earth (you’ll think: “Who bred a cat and an elephant?  And how?”)

These images may progress in terms of appearance from human to NOT human. So who are they?

These images are being sent to you—by the Higher Self (also you)—to gauge how you feel about things vastly different from yourself.

Are you intrigued?

Are you excited?

Are you terrified?

These other versions of You have chosen different bodies and different timelines to experience life under different conditions.  As you integrate, these images will become part of your daily life, because you are bringing all of your parts back together.

Ascension is the integration of all of the different parts of YOU, back into the ONE.

So what do you do with these visions?

That’s up to you.  Are you ready to accept individuals into your life with vastly different appearances, habits and behaviors? Can you make friends with someone completely different from you?

Could you sit for tea with a 7′ tall self-aware lizard and not worry about what the next table thinks?
Do you do that with other humans on Earth?

So the next time you have a new internal visitor—that portion of you that is reaching out to establish communication with other aspects of itself—observe, appreciate, inquire. Rather than react with fear (just a habit!) of things outside of the “weirdness comfort zone,” here’s your chance to practice extreme curiosity by noting as many details as you can.  As you consciously register the details, you store them with gobs of information to be unpacked later.

You’re projected on their screens; and chances are, they are just as curious about you as you are about them.  Your ability to internally cross-communicate is the act of conscious multidimensional creation using telepathy.  You’ll find out that your inner landscape is just as real as the place you’re sitting right now reading this text.

Let the party begin!  Love to you.




author: Kimberly

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