Don’t Bother With Action Until You Feel Good

don't take action unless it feels good
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When shit starts hitting the fan, the first thing we’re told to do is take action.

After all, societal programming has been stuffed down our faces since the Industrial Revolution.  Let’s see if you identify with any of these suggestions from those Old Energy Thought Leaders who wanted you to work for them:

  • Just Do It
  • Grin and Bear It
  • No Pain No Gain
  • Sacrifice and Sweat is necessary for success
  • 90% Perspiration and 10% Inspiration

You get the picture.

Negative reinforcement such as this was great for when we thought that we achieved our goals by pushing harder, forcing things into shape.  It worked great when we believed that a successful life required you to fit in.

That applied to relationships, bodies and life situations…

Well we see how well that worked out, so what if we tried something else?

Next time something doesn’t go your way, try backing off instead of plundering on.


It’s way easier than you think.  Here’s all you need to do:

Feel good.

That’s it.  Just. feel. good.

Do whatever it takes to get yourself into that “happy-go-fucking-lucky person” who isn’t all that concerned with the mundane crap that was presented to you today.  I call it the “Fuck It” attitude, but it has an extra component that the old “Fuck It” attitude lacked.

The new attitude is not about ignoring “what is.”

It’s about accepting “what is” —not necessarily liking it—and then choosing to focus on something more fun because you want to feel better.

You can start small, with little stuff, like not finding your keys for the 40th time this year.  You know you’re going to find them eventually.  So rather than letting that anger/frustration/rage build up, stop looking for your keys.

Go do whatever it takes to get yourself to a higher vibration, and stay there a short while.  No need to take action yet, even if you’re late for work (time doesn’t exist anyway, but that’s for another day.)  You’ll get there.

And when it’s time to get your keys, you will be led there.  You will have put yourself in the correct vibration for someone who knows where his keys are, and there they will be.

That’s when action gets you further along your path. Trying to take action from a low-vibrational state is going to get you low-vibrational results.  Don’t bother until you’ve raised your vibration to yield the results you desire.

Have a wonderful “Fuck It” day.


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