The question I get asked the most, in many different forms:

“How can you ignore all of the darkness in the world?  Can’t you see it’s dangerous out there?”


Awakened beings realize that they have created everything that they see in the world.  If you see joy and beauty, it’s because you have sent out thoughts + intentions that align with it.

Do you see darkness?  Well that’s what you’re sending out.  Yes. Sorry.  And that’s fine, as it must be serving you in some way or you wouldn’t be doing it.  When you are ready to send out joy and beauty, that’s what your physical reality will reflect back to you.

Darkness is just an option.  Light is an option.  Souls chose their parts for service, whether it be dark or light.  To give you, dear always-expanding, perfect-aspect-of-God, all the choices you could possibly imagine.

And when the collective starts to choose one over the other, then things shift.  That’s what’s happening now.

If you wish, listen to Kryon below.  He explains that humanity has tried–four times–to move from Dark to Light.  And we got it this time.  We are heading towards love in all instances.  So if you see yourself going down a dark alley, remember that all it takes is for you to re-activate a better thought.  Divert your attention to the experience you choose to have, honoring your feelings along the way.  You will always find love and growth if you feel for it.

Kryon Channeling