Change The Past for Yourself, and Humanity

"The past is as easy to change as the future."

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Yesterday we talked about how to review a “bad day” and redesign the memory to your benefit.

Reminder: The past is as easy to change as the future.

Today, we’ll talk about something you can do while you’re there, changing things around.  It will be the second line item, you could say, after you identify joyous moments from the event.

You can infuse love to any scene—and everyone in it—despite the event having occurred in your perceived “past.”

Why would this matter?

Because when you send loving thoughts to a person–whether you’ve interacted with them in the physical or not–you increase both of your frequencies, along with that of the Collective.

By increasing the frequency of the event, you put yourself “in a good light,” as they say.  Others visiting that scene now have the option to view loving versions of you, and of themselves.  You’ve supercharged the possibility with your infusion of love.

Note that this revved-up possibility is also available to anyone else who happens to revisit that point in time and space as a memory.  By leaving a loving part of yourself there, you give anyone the option to redesign a negative memory into a positive one.

So how do we do it?

First, connect with nature.

In the scene, search out a plant, tree, lawn.  If you can’t see one, imagine one there.
Appreciate it for a moment or two until you feel a little bit better about things.

Then, find an animal.

Again, if there was no animal in the scene, you can put one there.  Enjoy its antics until you feel your frequency rise.

Now with your enhanced frequency, you can attend to appreciating the people in the event.

Imagine light emitting from your heart, encircling you, and then expanding outward in all directions.  You can make it any color you like! It’s a force field of love.

This not only affects the actual people in the scene, but also the collective that you were all connected to during that time.  Your sparks just gave everyone connected to the event blast of love.

As you reconnect with the humans in the event—even those that seem like background actors—you will be tapping back into the Collective in a conscious manner.


You’ve now infused love into a past event, and increased the possibility that others will also feel good when they visit that event in space/time.

See how powerful you are?



My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,



by Flora, the Manoamao Tribe, Andromeda



Watch the video: Rewiring your past with light.