bad dreams are a gift

Awake people generally have good dreams.  Yet once in a while, a dark one will slip in, and it’s a gift.

Our dream state is the closest that humans can conceive of to our unfettered soul’s natural state. The easiest way to think about it is that our two main brainwave states, beta, which is our “awake” state, and delta, which is our “dreaming state, are switched.  Consciously-creating beings understand that our beta state is an illusion. The illusion seems so solid and real, that we forget we’ve designed this place to create growth opportunities for our soul.

So if you’re concerned about something, and it’s been on your mind all day, it’s possible that you’ll have an uncomfortable dream that night, during which you’ll feel heavy negative emotions. Because your 3D mind was so busy on the subject all day long, you probably avoided feeling out that situation.

Here comes help.

That part of you that is more aligned with Source waits till you fall asleep, because it can take care of those feelings much more efficiently than you can in your waking state when your mind goes on overdrive. You probably don’t need this help all that much anymore, but even highly conscious people need a little boost here and there. 

Be thankful when you have these dreams, and appreciate that your higher self was giving you a leg up on your ascension.  You just released a whole bunch of crap, and you didn’t have to create it here in your illusion to have the growth experience.

And make sure, after you wake up, that you clear your energy and not dwell on the emotions. Because as soon as you re-enter that beta state, your intentions (whether positive or negative!!!) will manifest. So do whatever necessary to get on a momentum of good-thinking thoughts before you start your day, and thank your Higher Self for the leg up in your ascension.

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