Abundance: Money vs Experiences

What does it mean to you?

Here’s my favorite definition of abundance:  The state or condition of having a copious quantity of something.  Right???

Abundance is probably the #1 request that humans request of Source.

Now let’s define abundance, just in case you were about to comment that money means nothing to you.

This “copious quantity” could be money, but it could also be success, it could be love, it could be healthy habits.  Although our Western society is centered around defining abundance as having lots of money (because those that run things from the Underbelly World have structured our economy so as to require money to meet even basic survival needs,) the truth is that abundance can be defined in a myriad of ways.

Let’s look at some other ways to experience abundance.  Say you would like to learn something new, and that something new requires basic supplies in order to learn.

For instance, I wanted to learn the game of Mahjong.  The game requires a relatively-expensive set of tiles and other items in order to play. So I start shopping for a Mahjong set with which to learn the game.

Of course, Amazon is first, so that I can determine the best value for my money.  I see that a decent set is about $100.

I could buy a Mahjong set right now, with $100 from my bank account, and thanks to Amazon Prime, I can start learning the game in just a few hours.

So for what have, I exchanged my money? Let’s take a look.

The deficit from my bank account is $100; yet is the credit to my “abundance” account $100?

I can look at the transaction in a number of ways:

  • If I never learn Mahjong, then the game sits in a closet somewhere, and my $100 is “wasted.”
  • If I learn the game and play with friends here and there, my $100 could equal out based on the value of my enjoyment of playing with friends.
  • If I learn the game and excel at it, I could play in tournaments, and win prizes.  Then my $100 has magnified itself to provide monetary abundance as a return on my investment.

It really boils down to how you value abundance.  Is the money in the bank more important than the enjoyment received from the money you spend?

As you awaken, you’ll find that you’ll naturally lean more towards experiencing things rather than accumulating money in a bank account.

You’ll value the “things” that you do buy, not for the acquisition of them, but for the pleasure that they bring to you. There is no right or wrong here, so if you feel like you need a boatload of cash to feel safe in our world, that’s totally cool.

You already know that you can’t take it with you. So use that money as a tool to gain valuable soul experience.  This, you will take with you.




author: Kimberly

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