Teacup Amusement Ride
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Amusement Park Earth: The Tea Cup Ride

When you were a little a kid, amusement park rides were limited.

If you didn’t reach that line on the sign, you couldn’t go on the “big kids” rides. Thus, you were relegated to the area of the park that had the “gentler” rides. 

Take the Teacup ride.  Every park has one:  cute little tea sets arranged in a circle, at the end of an octopus arm.  When the octopus began to spin, each teacup would also spin on its own axis; resulting in the riders spinning on three axes simultaneously.  That’s some serious spinning. (This is generally thrilling for the kids, but perhaps not as much for parents with stomachs harboring ((or attempting to harbor)) margaritas and nachos.)

Yet kids don’t need the symbolism of the Teacup ride to get something out of the experience; they just have a damn good time spinning around until the ride stops. However, the awakening (and sometimes over-analyzing) adult may search more for the reason that the Teacup ride is even in their reality at all.


The Cycles of Rebalancing

One symbol to explore is that of the cycles of healing.  Largely unconscious for most, these cycles become more obvious as your consciousness expands.  A trigger, then a dip while you acknowledge and process a belief, and then the return to an “enhanced normal” state.  This is how we replace heavy energy with light.

Much like the teacups spinning on three simultaneous axes, you rebalance your energy simultaneously on multiple levels of the Self.  All that crying isn’t just healing the Earthly You that’s sprawled out on the couch; it’s also healing Others connected to you in every known–and unknown–direction.  It’s rebalancing your Higher Self, and the Self above that one, and the One above that one…ad infinitum.

It’s expanding all selves, everywhere.  That’s how powerful you are.


Kids Ride With The Cycles

Kids will scream with joy while zinging around in their teacups on any number of axes, unless they are surrounded by fearful parents worried about how they’ll react.  Higher levels are also experiencing that immense joy of the moment with you, just as they are enjoying your healing cycles.  All of your experiences are valid and expansive, so do your best to honor those crying fits just as much as your accomplishments.  

None of us are a finished product.  All consciousness is growing, and creating, endlessly.  When you let go and know that you are expanding on all levels for eternity, then all of the amusements—whether they send you spinning, or dropping, or hanging—will offer a thrilling, and safe, experience.

The Teacup analogy: “Aim to saunter along the midway, with full run of the park.”


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girl with crystal sunglasses
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Happening Now: Goodbye Sunglasses

Soon, squinting will be a thing of the past.

Back in the Old World (1995), the Pleiadians told us that our eyes would someday adjust to the sun’s rays. A test of your belief systems, to be sure; for when you’re “stuck” down here in the physical, evolution takes eons to occur.  But can evolution happen within the span of a single lifetime?

In Barbara Marciniak’s book, Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library, we heard of various physical improvements to the physical body during our upward shift in frequency.  The guides advised that our eyes will eventually adapt to the sun’s bright rays; no more retina-burning sensations on a bright day.

In the Old World, the Sun was an unpredictable force to fear.  It gave you cancer. It burnt your skin if you didn’t slather chemicals on it. Oh and be careful! It will kill you if you soak up too many rays. I call this Sunphobia, although “heliophobia” is the commonly-accepted term for the often irrational fear of sunlight.  With Sunphobia, we’re looking deeper than just the physical experience: we’re going symbolic. Why are we afraid of sunlight?

The Collective uses the Sun to explore polarity regarding the core of physical existence: Survival.

Most humans consider the Sun’s alleged threats to our very survival as fact, thus perpetuating physical evidence of oppression in their reality.

But just as the Sun is a destructive force, it is also a life-giving force.  In fact, few of us could live for too long without it. Here we get to travel the full spectrum of beliefs (pun intended) about the Sun’s intentions.  Does it want to nurture us? Or will it obliterate us if we fail to revere it?

Integrating Sunphobia

As you rebalance yourself and recognize your role as a creator, you’ll have access to explore the symbolic references from both a subjective, and an objective, point of view.  You’ll understand the Sun’s symbolic role in your life, and you will no longer fear that some big ball of gas 91.6 million miles away has any power over you.

Your physical (and emotional) eyes will cease to consider the Sun as a tyrannical force, and your Sunphobia will subside.

And soon, you’ll look straight at this entity with awe…this Sun that’s created legions of awesome dawns and dusks, coloring so many of our memories.  And the best part?

You can feel that awe coming right back at you.

The Eyes As Windows To The Soul

For when your eyes are open, the sunlight (information) that has been beaming down at you for all of your Earthly lifetimes now has a clear channel to the larger part of you…through your eyes.  Your openness to collaboration makes you an attractive force for more information and assistance from not only the Sun, but from beings in other shapes and forms that match your frequency.  Hint:  that’s when you see more of the entities that exist around you.

If You’re Still Squinting

Physical upgrades happen at their own pace for each individual.  You’re developing yourself holographically, so worrying about when something like this will happen in linear time will keep you in a 3D perspective. If you still need sunglasses, so what?  They’re cool, fun, and they help you define your personal image.  Think about it: there are few accessories that humans are as picky about as their sunglasses.

Have you ever wondered why?


Love to you.



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For those interested in Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadian channeling:


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Make your dreams solid
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Video: Make Your Dreams Solid

Answering the question of our dear friend: What’s it like when your dreams become solid?

What if we could fly, walk through walls, make statues move, and enjoy other ‘weird’ abilities without any limitations just as seamlessly when we’re awake?

People are told to believe that the waking state is our only normal; that the dream state is just our brain’s special activity at the times our body is having some rest. What if we said that as our subconsciousness is shifting in that dream state, we simply disregard imposed limitations! And we can do that “in the real-life” as well! Just believe the fact that you can do anything.

And here is another surprise from Kimberly for you:

Your waking and sleeping states are actually the same!

But how do you transfer that unlimited state to your everyday life? The path from noticing coincidences to making manifestations is slow but possible for everyone of us. It all starts with noticing synchronicities. Such as 11:11 on the clock or knowing who’s gonna call. Then, as you broaden your perspective of what is possible on earth, small manifestations start to follow. As you proceed, you’ll be able to manifest bigger things. Though you manifest a coin or a car using the same amount of energy, your beliefs in what is possible get uplifted gradually.

Also, in this video, you’ll get to know Kimberly’s rabbit statue Winston, who may or may not be moving in the future. It all comes up to when Kimberly expands her belief system and decides that Winston should be dancing around.

Remember: All possibilities exist!

If you’re interested in meeting other creators, join the AwakeCon event hopefully taking place in October 2021 in Los Angeles!

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energetic release chart
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The Road to 5D: Recognize Your Release Cycles

On your journey up the frequency range, you will experience energetic decluttering.  You’ll lose the heavy energy, and replace it with light.

This happens in cycles. You’ve been doing this your whole life, by the way, even if you are unaware of it. But when you recognize these cycles, the awakening process flows so much more easily.

It starts with a trigger. 

Irksome, irritating, annoying, totally unreasonable stuff. And it’s out of the blue, usually.

Here’s a trigger experience I had yesterday:  I went down to my garage to find an unauthorized Kia Soul parked in the space next to my sports car.  It left barely 6” between our doors, leaving me unable to get into my car.

Infuriating, right?  How dare that person!  Didn’t he even consider my needs at all? (and on, and on, and on…)

Your triggers could be big ones, if you’re not currently in the habit of examining your thoughts; or small ones if you are.  It could be an event, an image that you see, or a situation that snaps you out of that great mood you’ve been in lately…and sends your thoughts spiraling right down to the basement.

If you continue to focus on the trigger (who is to blame, how it ruins your day, what you’d say to the owner of the offending car), then your frequency will continue to drop.  Your negative thoughts will bring your senses along for the ride; and soon, you will confirm those thoughts with experiential evidence.  Your day could suck in all areas.

This is the onset of a lesson. Here’s the key to getting the lesson the first time around:

Focus on your frequency rather than on the trigger itself.


It doesn’t matter what triggered you; what matters is how you feel about it.

Many triggers may seem totally irrational in retrospect, but they can feel gigantic in the Now. Yet just as negative thoughts will invite confirming negative evidence, positive ones will provide positive evidence.  So you want to get back to thinking good thoughts as soon as possible, and to grow from the experience so that you don’t have to repeat it again.

Encountering a trigger is your indication that there’s some energy ready to be released; and as Shrek says, “Better out than in.”  Clear it now.

This looks different for everybody.

You may feel like shit at your irrationality.  You may cry.  You may crave carbs.  You may want to curl up in a ball and sleep all day.  It’s your life, and you have the right to do anything that you want while living it.  Keeping others out of this process, though, is good policy.  This is internal growth, so focus inward and experience your feelings on your own terms, with integrity.

There will be a time when you start feeling better.  Historically, it’s been human habit to continue low-frequency behavior—even when we really feel better—because we were waiting for something external to change our mood.

But now that you know that creation starts with your thoughts, you will want to feel as good as possible, as soon as possible, to invite evidence of good things back into your life.  Your thoughts will determine which route you will take.

You know how it feels after a good cry.  Or how much better you feel after a grueling round of physical purging. It’s that sense of relief that something is finally over.

As you notice this positive upturn in your mood, find anything that makes you laugh. Find a funny movie, kids, pets, comedians, old musicals. Live animal cams, such as Kitten Rescue, are a great option.  Go for goofy; tune in, and let yourself laugh.

Laughing will naturally raise your frequency. 

Consider it assistance…but just like aliens that won’t land on the White House lawn to save us all, your frequency is your own responsibility. You must process the feelings. Use laughter as your gas pedal, and keep it steady.

Admit when you feel better.  “Oh thank goodness I’m done with that.  I learned a lot about myself.”

Noticing, and acknowledging your improved feelings is what moves you into to the carpool lane. Also, please congratulate yourself for the accomplishment of being conscious of your own clearing process. It takes strength to observe your own behavior, and to love yourself unconditionally in all life situations.

Sealing the cycle

When you feel like you’re back to the “You” that you were prior to the trigger, then you’ve completed the cycle.

So how long was your cycle?  Did it last a week, 3 days, or 4 hours?  Were you happy with your performance?  Were there areas you’d like to work on, such as: “Next time I will get to laughing earlier, and not focus on the trigger so much?”

Now be careful of those potholes!  Over-criticizing can send your thoughts back on a downward spiral, and extend the cycle longer than necessary.  Focus on your accomplishments, shoot a peace sign at the areas in which you plan to do better next time, and look ahead.

Consider this a debriefing; you have identified your individual clearing process, and your navigation system has been upgraded by the attention to it.  You have returned, yet you’re enhanced.

You can leave the trigger, the cycle, and everything related to it behind, and never look in the rear-view mirror again at that event.


It is your right to experience joyful times.

Recognition of your true nature as the creator of your reality is a giant accomplishment.  The awakening process—when broken down into smaller cycles—prepares you for the ebb and flow of energetic traffic, so to speak.  You learn that you always get through them. You’ve done it before, and you can do it again.  They gradually become shorter and less intense.  Soon, you won’t freak out with even the most annoying of triggers, because you know there is a reason for them. You’re learning more about Who You Are. 

The Self that is You has no limits.  If you can imagine it, you can experience it.  That seems to me like a pretty good reason for letting go of that old stuff, and worth a trigger or two to access those possibilities.  You get to the state of endless possibilities by releasing your limitations, one cycle at a time.

And in their place:  Freedom.



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frozen soap bubble in winter
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Happening Now: Cold Flashes. Ciao Fear!

Can’t warm up, now matter how many layers of clothes you put on?

If you feel like someone just turned the temperature down inside your body, you are not alone.  It happens fast.  Just as many of us have felt hot flashes….this feels like a sudden Cold Flash.

Totally uncomfortable, I know.  For me, I especially feel it around the upper arms and shoulders.  Like,  in the middle of a sleet storm wearing only a tank top kind of freezing.

You may also feel loosening in the root/sacral chakra areas too.  It could mimic excitement, urgency, curiosity, arousal.  Depending on how you feel about those things, you could feel some confusion about why your body is acting like that now, of all times.

Hooray!  You’ve recognized a new internal ritual that’s helping you recognize when you’re releasing fear.


So what are you in for?

Well the good news is that your cold flash probably won’t last long.  A couple of days at the most; for me, no longer than an hour is the standard.  Oh, and save yourself the anguish of equating the length of a cold flash with the amount of fear being released.  Those are human comparisons, and only apply if you choose to view the situation from the limited Earth perspective.

Please feel.

Get your feet on the floor.  Let it run out.  Drink something hot if it suits you, representing symbolic warmth.  Take a hot shower.  Wrap yourself in a fuzzy blanket and get some animal-love.

Feel into it, so that you can let it go once and for all. Your mind need not figure out which fear you’re releasing, either, unless you choose to go there.   That’s more human stuff for you.

Remember:  Your body is not really solid.  These seemingly-physical feelings are simply ideas you’re having.  As you examine your life, you’ll choose the ideas you want to live by.  And you will let go of those that no longer apply.


You are releasing old ideas, and allowing in new ones.

Into the ground those old ideas go through your feet. Then, imagine white light beaming down through your crown chakra, filling your body back up.  A symbolic representation of the release of heavy energy, and the replacement with new, loving energy.

Work with your body, and allow it to talk to you.  When you do, you are practicing your telepathic abilities.  Recognizing cues,  deciphering messages, activating codes.  Consider the clearing out of this fear as unclogging the pipes to accept more lucid communication from the Higher Self.  Oh, and you may find yourself craving tea.  Excellent idea.

Love to you.



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Seedling in Soil
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Flora Flash: Seeds Want To Grow

A message from Flora, member of the Manoamao Tribe, Andromeda.

In this your year of 2021, humanity is ready for rapid growth.

Like a seedling poised to break the surface of the soil, you want to grow; but you are afraid about what’s on the other side.

It’s understandable! The soil has been the only environment you—as the seed—have been aware of; so it is comfortable to stay underground. After all, things could be scary up there!

So many unknowns for you on Earth at this time. But remember: inherent in the concept of “unknown” is also the option to bloom into the grandest, most spectacular specimen of yourself that you could ever imagine!  There are magnificent opportunities in those unknowns, if you will only focus on those opportunities in your thoughts.

The seed that you are, NEVER stops growing.

You never die, even if it looks like you do based on humanity’s current viewpoint about death.

All living things grow towards the light.
Light is information.

Now the seeds that you see (and hopefully plant) on your Earth aren’t consciously thinking about moving towards light.  They just know that their nature is to grow. You, too, have that same innate desire to expand.  But because you can also contemplate that expansion, you might worry about growing into something ugly instead of into something beautiful.

Your fears won’t stop your growth, you know.  You’ll be sprouting anyway.  So you might as well have as much fun as possible facing those fears.

During the Orion era, there were many seeds that sprouted yet they still spent their whole lives underground.  Advanced communities living in literal jungles beneath the surface of the planet!  I was part of such a community, and I know what it is like to grow in the darkness.

Dear Ones: Your physical surroundings are your metaphorical thoughts, turned into form.

You are living in your own jungle of symbols. Darkness and Light? Symbols for different areas of focus.

Just like those of us who co-created the Orion Era’s journey of transformation from Darkness to Light, you are doing the same for what we will call the Earth Era, in galactic terms.

So grow! Open up to new information.  And know that even if you choose to experience Earth life from “underground,” you are still growing toward the light whenever you learn more about Who You Are.

There are crowds of us here, supporting you.
We glide over your head, and we slither under your feet.
We admire you through the leaves of the plants you water.
We send light to you—always more information!—wherever you care to look for it.

And it brings us joy to watch you grow.

Flora - Andromeda

Stop Badmouthing Yourself

Video: Stop Badmouthing Yourself!

“I thought I had learned that lesson!” Then why is it coming back around again?

On the upward spiral of the evolutionary path, some events reoccur even after we thought we were finished integrating them.

Welcome to Earth! It’s how we grow.

Ah, but now you’re wiser than you were last time you had to deal with it. Now, you’ve got new tools and a new perspective and you are better equipped… But what if you don’t handle it much better than the first time it came around?

Do you start beating yourself up about it? Call yourself a failure? A loser?

If you are in the habit of verbal self-flagellation at every mistake, then this video is for you.

You’ll learn how to handle these situations by looking at the scenario from the Higher Self‘s perspective. Not only will the self-deprecation stop, but you will learn life lessons with more ease, and with less struggle. Yeah. There’s no need to talk to yourself from the basement. You are a beautiful soul who came to Earth to expand.

Struggle is optional. Love to you!  

[Blooper at the end]

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– Be sure to stay open for communication incoming if your throat is itchy and expand the visible spectrum of your itchy eyes.
Itchy ears? Balance things out.

firecracker igniting
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Happening Now: Internal Firecrackers

So you’re just settling down for sleep. Your body finally relaxes, and your mind drifts off…and then SNAP!

Your entire body jumps off the bed as if a firecracker blew up inside of you.

This, no doubt, has happened to all readers at least once in their lives, so it’s by no means new. We’ve even got a fancy 3D name for it, even though doctors can’t explain on a 3D level why it happens: Sleep Myoclonus.  (Source)

What is new about this phenomenon is that humanity is now capable of gleaning deeper understanding from such weird experiences; and we can use that knowledge to amplify the awakening process.

Remember that all physical symptoms trickle down from higher levels of awareness.

If you’re experiencing these jerks, consider skipping the frantic WebMD research; and find out what your Higher Self is telling you.  There’s a reason for the explosions.

Here are some questions to help you find the message behind your firecracker.  Address them in order:

  1. Did you forget something?
  2. Where can you go to safely release fear?
  3. Where does your power come from?

The answer from the first question will spark inquiry into the second, and then both answers will lead you to the third.  Here’s one more thing for you:

Write things down! 


When you do, you eternalize your creation, symbolically-speaking.  You put it out in the world, and it now begins to create on its own.   

That’s right.  Every thought you have goes out there with full universal power to create new worlds. That’s how powerful you are.

So what are you sending out?  

Yeah. The implications of that are vast.

Now you—on some level—wanted to hear this, or you wouldn’t have found these words. They are sent with love, by the way, just as firecrackers are set off on celebratory occasions.  An internal fiesta!

Welcome to the world of energy. 

It speaks to you, if you allow yourself to dive deeper than for the 3D explanation for something. Energetic communication comes in many forms: intricately-situated colors, the timing and placement of sounds…and even festive bursts while you’re settling in and receptive to messages.

Get outside and ground, if you’re feeling a lot of these.  Put your feet on grass or snow, take a shower, or do something very physical, like laundry.  This will move the energy through your physical body, out into Earth, and bring you some relief.

Remember that life is a Fiesta, if you choose it to be.  Your thoughts are creating your world.  Do you believe in your right to have a party, or are you creating something else? 


This message was brought to you by the Carpet Hunters, a multidimensional collective of artists.

“Your personal world grows with your imagination, and you were meant to enjoy the ride. We send our love to you, as we forever cruise through the Winds of Time.”

~The Carpet Hunters



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racehorses at gate
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Happening Now: Waiting For The Gate To Open

With all this time on your hands, you’ve got some ideas.

Creative ventures, maybe, or a business plan. Chances are, you have connected with new people (thanks Zoom); and through these distant encounters, you’ve got a refined version of yourself that is impatient to get out there in the world and start living again.

But you can’t right now…because of that pandemic thing.

It’s irksome, too: all these new clothes, and nowhere to wear them.

This is your freedom, being artificially restrained.

You can blame governments, or bats, or selfishness on your soul’s part to drop into an Earth going through yet another crisis…or you can look deeper as to why you chose this experience.  You can look at it with some humor too, if you feel like it, because whenever you recognize the lesson in something, it clears itself up.

In America, the concept of freedom has been watered-down.  You may laugh at how “first-world problems” from your recent past now seem so petty. Freedom for other areas of the planet has more meaning, since so many have experienced the lack of it via their cultures.

So for those of us who took things for granted, these current events are a gentle way to test our beliefs about what “freedom” means to us.

Here we are at the end of 2020: still locked down in separation.


You’re like a race horse at the gate:  Sleek, shining coat; a skilled guide on your shoulder; and brand new shoes.

You may be shifting from foot to foot (to foot to foot), with your new higher-frequency energy.  You’re ready for this thing to end, so that you can go out and start living life with your newly-expanded view of reality.

But someone, or something, somewhere….just won’t open that gate and let you run.


If this is you, then ask yourself a question:

Who is responsible for opening the gate?

This thing that you are blaming…look there for limitations.  Who has power over you?



You are an all-powerful being that is creating your reality with every thought.  You can manipulate energy into any form that you like.  You can choose freedom in all areas of your life.  There is nothing that you cannot be, have or do.

Sending the intention that you desire freedom in all aspects of life puts you into the energetic frequency that brings about change not only for yourself, but also for the collective.  You intend freedom, and the physical world follows.  Energetically speaking, the more people that intend freedom, the more rapidly (in linear terms) the results will manifest in the physical.

Poof, gone.

Since most of us might choose to blame the pandemic, what would sudden freedom look like in that respect?  Some examples:

  • A vaccine that eradicates the virus for the most of the population, without everyone needing to get a shot.
  • A virus that simply fades away on its own; and people stop getting sick.
  • A supplement, amino acid, or common household item that will be found to “kill” the virus.

There are an infinite number of possible solutions, of course. And since you need not subscribe to the outdated constraints of historical scientific research, these changes can occur instantly.  If you need the media to report a mysterious upswing in recoveries, then it will show up for you.  If you don’t need external validation, then expect that things will just get better around you in a more subtle manner.

You have the ability to end your self-imposed lockdown, simply with your intention to do so.

Remember that what you put your attention to will grow.  Thoughts about health will maintain health.  Gratitude for the experience sends out the message that you understand that nothing is random.  You acknowledge that we are experiencing this event because we matched the frequency of it.

Elevate your own frequency, and you will vibrate right through that gate all by yourself.

There are worlds in which this event is not occurring.  So if you’re tired of being locked down, then intend to go there, and see how your reality changes.  I’m on that timeline and I can say that it’s a beautiful place. It’s only a change in perspective.

See love.  See healing. See the gigantic connection that a little virus has helped make apparent.  And I’ll see you there.

(Let’s bet on it.)



author: Kimberly

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Red partition in construction zone at night
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Happening Now: Hammering Sounds

You’ve finally got a moment of peace from the devices.  You lean back, close your eyes…

…and then it sounds like someone is pounding on the metal pipes deep within the structure of your house.

Some evil plumber, with no concern for your single available moment of rest.  If you’ve been practicing clearing your mind, then you may be able to blot it out.  If not, the pipe-pummeling may send you into a frenzy of expletives.  It’s always your choice how you respond, of course, and that response determines your frequency.

You may find later that there was no plumber, and no one really was working on the pipes.  If your human self needs an explanation to curb some fears, it will find one.  Either way, there are messages waiting for you on higher levels, if you choose to investigate.

If you are hearing unexpected hammering sounds, then I have a message for you:

“The partition is up.”

Very good news, by the way.

Think of a construction zone in a nice neighborhood.  Building things is messy at some points in the process.  So rather than expose that well-kept neighborhood to dust and broken stuff that’s going to get cleaned up soon anyway, the builders put up a partition.  It’s a kindness and a demonstration of honor for others sharing the environment.

Your consciousness has a construction zone as well.

It’s the place where the past events you’ve recently reconsidered go to rebuild themselves from something painful, to something beautiful.

This happens when you take the time to review a past situation, and switch from blame to thankfulness for the experience.

When you have made that switch, it’s like hooking up the electricity in your construction zone.  It tells the workers that it’s OK to start building with your new beliefs.

Just like construction zones in the physical, dust flies as the jackhammer starts breaking up unwanted structures. Bulldozing?  Yup, that too.  A lot goes on to clear that old energy, and because you’ve provided the new blueprint of revised core values, the workers don’t need much of your conscious attention to do their job.

So up goes the partition, which leaves you free to roam the beautiful neighborhood in peace.

It’s confirmation for you that all is well.

“You’re rebuilding yourself, and you’re doing a good job.  Go have some fun, and leave the work to us.  If we need you, we’ll be sure to let you know.”

Take that last line from a guide wearing a hard hat and a really big smile.

Love to you!


Related references that may arise at a similar time:

  • Iron or Steel
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Dusty things
  • Cement trucks in succession
  • Loud Trucks
  • Traffic cones in weird places



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