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Our world is coming to an end.  But it’s not the end you may think.

It’s the end of a planned separation from each other, from our souls, and from our Source.

And with that End comes a new Beginning.  As Earth moves from Third- to Fourth Density, all living creatures will be along for the ride.  It’s an evolutionary process for the planet and for all of her inhabitants.

And guess what?  You chose to be here for this orchestrated Event.  It’s a time for celebration.

If you’re visiting this site, then it was your plan to remember this:

Your thoughts create your reality.
Every thought. All of the time.

(So you might as well have fun.)

There are some of us who got here a bit early, to help prepare for the Party.

We might have been the ones that you considered “weirdos” in past times. Enigmatic silent observers among the chaos.

We’ve held a different perspective about reality, recognizing its illusory and malleable nature.  And we push the boundaries of what is possible by taking responsibility for our creations.  All. Of. Them.  This opens up limitless possibilities for the Self.

Awakening is the process of remembering oneself as an eternal and immutable creator.

You are sentient energy, aware of itself.

Many souls such as yourself have chosen to experience this remembrance consciously, while incarnated in a human body.

Our aim is to offer assistance during this evolutionary process, which could require physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual reckonings.  All paths to remembrance are valid and unique; and there is no one correct path.

Once the process is underway, and you’ve released some heaviness related to outworn beliefs, we want to help you DREAM.  We want to support you in unleashing the creative birthright that lies within you.

In a world that urges us to look outward for validation, love, acceptance and approval, we’ll advise you to look within for all of those things. We’ll be the ones cheering you on as you rediscover Who You Really Are by falling in love, with yourself, again.

We welcome you, our fellow Dreamer, and we are excited to co-create with you.

Kimberly Darwin

Kimberly Darwin

A soul who loves the multidimensional aspect of living in a human body. I threw a bullet list together to show you how I am currently enjoying this life.  It’s a lot!  And it is subject to change in any moment.

The way to my heart is through authenticity, kindness, and drinks on the patio.

I live in West Hollywood, California. You can reach me here.

Theo pic

Theo Wayfinder

As a holistic life counselor, I assist beings of all belief systems in transmuting life’s greatest struggles into strength with love and wisdom. 

I am the creator of Gamemakers’ Wellness, an in-office, online, and house-call holistic wellness service recognizing the unique needs of minds, bodies and spirits — it’s healing with purposefully fun and arts and sciences.

I facilitate a free weekly mental wellness support group near Phoenix called Being Healthy is Cool; and I create YouTube videos with the same name. Together, the group maintains mental wellness by building a global community of support and conversations. My videos include insights with health and wellness practitioners, scientists, and artists. 

One of my main soul urges is to co-create a unity consciousness of love-based thinking, rather than a duality consciousness of fear-based thinking. 

My interests include metaphysical science, galactic history, music, soul evolution, and genetics. Explorations as an author, artist, and scientist are on my path. You can find my music with the solo-artist name Exit Sign Editor.

Sirius A is my soul origin. Missions of healing and teaching throughout the Milky Way galaxy brought me to Earth. 

My energy as a lightworker and services as a practitioner are available for adults, partnerships, children, families, and animals. 

Thank you for being here! I would love to meet you. It’s an honor to be on the Are You Awakening team. 

My website is currently under maintenance, so for now you can contact me here.

Michael Brewer photo

Michael Brewer

I’m an existential guide. My passion lies in helping people from all walks of life heal and find themselves. I listen to and intuitively empathize with each unique situation and individual.

As a writer and philosophical futurist, I share content designed to transform how we perceive and shape our world. If you’d like to learn more about me and my work click here.

image of Flora


Flora is a witchdoctor from the Manoamao Tribe, a group of consciousness currently incarnated in the Andromeda galaxy.  As a plant and animal specialist on her unnamed planet, Flora assists the Are You Awakening team to offer ideas on solidifying connectedness with Others on our own planet.  It starts with the plant and animals existing around you.  “Your kingdom is resplendent with varied consciousness—all aspects of yourself—wishing to interact with you.”

Flora uses analogy to plant seeds in the reader’s mind. Her examples often include “bi-verbal communication,” which is the use of symbols relevant to humans at multiple levels of awareness. Many loaded words are combined together, to encourage internal inquiries regarding current beliefs. “This way, no matter where you are in your awakening process, the communication will offer a gift to you.”

Flora is an equal contributor to the AwakeCon conference, serving as a bridge between the physical and non-physical collaborators.  She is also influential in the development of the consciousness-expanding game, Evolution144.  She jokes (and quite often) that she would like to run for President of the United States.

Although Flora has agreed twice to be channeled on video, she believes that humans are ready to move beyond this unbalanced form of communication.  A lover of sitting around in circles, she prefers collaborative creation with good food and drink. Therefore, she requests that her transmissions be delivered either in writing, in art, or in animated form; these types of communication activate multi-sensory receptors currently underused among humanity.  Her aim is to start your own creative juices flowing.

Flora has been channeled by Kimberly Darwin since 2016.  Both are members of the Carpet Hunters, a group of multidimensional consciousness that leaves art installations across space and time.

Kelly, Are You Awakening team


I am a Reiki Master Teacher and Crystal and Sound Healer. I most recently received my Medical Reiki Master Certification which allows me to provide Reiki in all medical settings, including pre-op, post op as well as in the operating room and during chemo and radiation therapy. 
My human credentials include a Masters of Education in Counseling/Human Relations and several years working in higher education and non profit. 
I live in Phoenix. When I’m not giving Reiki sessions you can usually find me being silly, riding my bike, doing yoga and talking to myself and my “invisible friends.” You can visit my website here.
Desiree, Are You Awakening team


I’ve been on a very odd journey since I was young. I would see, hear, and know things that most people couldn’t understand which made my life quite confusing and difficult.

Now I’m finding my understanding about what it means to be an indigo child. Everyday I’m learning to filter out the bad and how to welcome love into this reality.

Sage Kalmus

Sage Kalmus

I’m a freelance writer and writing teacher with an MFA in Creative Writing and several published pieces of short fiction and non-fiction. I’m also a Certified Holistic Health Counselor with experience in massage therapy, touch-for-health kinesiology, life coaching and an array of alternative healing techniques and modalities.

I had my own personal awakening at the age of 19 and have spent every day since then integrating that awareness into all aspects of my life and being. My personal mission is to help others do the same. My favorite ways to do that are through stories and song.

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