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are aliens friends or enemies
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Aliens: Friends or Enemies?

Whether you believe or not in the presence of life on other planets or dimensions, there is mounting evidence that will soon support it in mainstream science.

Some people need visual proof, because they’ve been programmed to believe that if their eyes don’t see it, it doesn’t exist.  Those beliefs run deep.  I had them too.

There are all types of beings throughout the Universe–some with good intentions, and some with other intentions that do not honor life.  Viewing the microcosm of our human society, there are both types of people as well, who exist simultaneously, sharing the same game board.

Since we live in a free-will Universe where all choices are possible, you get to decide which reality you choose.  Have you heard about reptilian races eating your flesh?  Does it bring fear to you?  Do you worry about it?  If so, that’s the reality you will experience.

Do movies like Arrival bring tears to your eyes when you think we could communicate with other benevolent races that are here to support us in our growth? Excellent. That’s the reality you will experience.

There are both options going on right now.

Yet it’s your interpretation of the situation, and your choice to focus on it, that will bring it to you.

You focus on it, it comes closer.  If you do not focus on it, then it will not appear in your reality.  It’s that easy.  You invite people in to assist, or to abuse, you. The other option will still exist if you want to jump over to it and experience it for a while.

Remember that you’re not solid, and neither are flesh-eating reptilians, or angels.  It’s all energy, projecting ourselves onto this crazy grid that we agreed would look solid for the time being.

Knowing that you can’t ever get it wrong makes focusing on the game that much more fun.


Earth Energy






999 (end of an era)

44 (guides are working in the background to help you manifest)



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The Dissolving 3D Reality: Your World is Not Solid

We’ve been functioning within one of the greatest ruses ever concocted: that our physical reality is rigid and immutable, and that if you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.

As the world awakens, individuals are presented with the opportunity to challenge such limiting beliefs by allowing a shift in what they thought was possible within the constructs of life on Earth.

Here are some basic, concrete examples of the programming under which we’ve been living:

  • There is an ideal weight for your gender and height, and you must remain there until you die.
  • You should work at least 8 hours per day.
  • If you are not in a long-term relationship, there is something wrong with you.
  • You must sacrifice things if you want to be successful.
  • Youth and beauty equate to power.

Now, let’s go out a little further and challenge some even more deep-seated beliefs fed to you by authorities, who want to keep you contained within their reality:

  • The Earth revolves on its axis every 24 hours.
  • Only doctors with medicine can heal you.
  • Humans cannot fly because gravity won’t allow it.
  • History occurred exactly as it was documented in textbooks.

No doubt, if you bring up these subjects at your average dinner party, you will receive some askant smirks. Not everyone is ready to challenge such well-seated beliefs without visual evidence proving otherwise, because they were taught that authorities know better than they do.

But you are ahead of the population, and you are ripe to consider questioning ALL of your beliefs about how our world works.  As we move into 4th Density, those innate abilities we’re told we don’t have will begin to bloom, and there will be visual evidence for those with minds open enough to consider them.  There will always be those who will never see your point of view, and that is OK.


Just a little taste of how those latter beliefs can be challenged by you, right now:


The Earth revolves on its axis every 24 hours.

What’s an hour?  It’s related to linear time, and linear time is simply another Earthly construct that we’ve invented.  Although we’ve documented that the Earth revolves on its axis, the time aspect of that statement is arbitrary at best.  It’s an old Babylonian thing, when someone decided to use the sexagesimal (counting by 60s) for mathematics and astronomy.


Only doctors with medicine can heal you.

That’s great for pharmaceutical companies and the doctors that are paid to prescribe the drugs they market.  Yet there are plenty of scientifically-documented occurrences to support the notion that humans can heal their own bodies simply with intention.  Check out Gregg Braden’s material for that, especially where he films naturopaths in China chanting away cancer from a patient’s body in 3 minutes, documented with Ultrasound.


Humans cannot fly because gravity won’t allow it.

If you redefine flying, and consider quantum physics, it’s not all that inconceivable that you can move your astral body to a new location, and your physical body catches up to it.  You do this every time you know someone’s going to call.  Your astral body is connecting to someone while your physical body remains stationary.  This atomic transition is documented by Earth physicists, if people cared to research it.  Plus, Willy Wonka was able to perform this feat way back in the 70’s, with both chocolate bars and unruly children.


History occurred exactly as it was documented in textbooks.

This is my favorite one.  Check out any search engine for information on what’s kept in the basement at the Smithsonian.  From unearthed 2-billion-year-old metal screws, to dinosaur and human footprints side by side, history has been picked through to support the notion that humans were stupid, powerless beings governed by forces of nature and chance until the Industrial Revolution changed our way of life.

Challenge your beliefs about everything that seems so rigid to you, and know that as we move into 4th Density, these limitations will fall away.

Want to start now?  Check out How to See Extra-dimensionals with your TV set.



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lightworker healing with energy
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Lightworkers: Others Won’t Suffer Like You Did

Lightworkers are like lighthouses for the rest of the world in the dark.

We’ve experienced the heartbreaking loss.  We’ve healed it.

We’ve investigated the role of the ego in our behavior, and we know how to put it in its place when necessary.

We’ve been on both the giving and the receiving end of things, and we’ve learned growth from both perspectives.

We’ve looked at our own monsters, and acknowledge when they need attention.


Many of these catalysts the general population has still yet to experience.

The world is waking up.  There is a great increase in inquiries about the non-physical, the meaning of life, and galactic history.  People are starting to wonder if there is a connection between what they are thinking and what is showing up in their reality.

They are starting to go within.  And if you recall, that was pretty painful.

One of the pacts of Lightworkers was that we’d heal much of the imbalance on behalf of the Collective. We agreed that those awakening after us would not suffer the severe struggles that we needed to feel.  We have deemed that their path will be less difficult than ours was.

Lightworkers have done a mass amount of healing on behalf of the Collective, so that those awakening now will experience a less arduous path to inner transformation.

There will soon be a time when some confused people will be coming to you for assistance.  They will recognize your peacefulness and your open mind, and they will seek guidance.

Assure them that they will be fine, that all of the changes are for the better, and gently remind them that all of their answers are inside them.  If they ask for resources, provide them.  Remember that they have all the guidance they need; they just forget that they do.

Then, send your love and support and know that these intentions are invaluable right now.


Earth Energy:





44 (let your avatar be led)

777 (everything is in divine order)



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Trigger Message Video: Recycling Props & Avatars

Sorry for the sound! I recorded this more than once. Maybe it’s the subject matter!

Kimberly has a trigger message for a wider audience, advising you to check out if you are recycling props and avatars (other people) across other lives and timelines.

Also a message about events that could potentially occur this summer that provide you an opportunity to face your monsters.

This message is meant to awaken a sleeping seed in those individuals that requested it at this time. Love to all!

Kimberly Darwin video
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Video: Choosing the Right Timeline to Manifest What You Want

Did you know that you are jumping timelines a billion times per second? You’ve been doing it subconsciously for your entire life, because a timeline is one of the constructs we chose to use on Earth.

Watch Kimberly explain the basics of timelines, the Mandela Effect and how to stay focused on what you want. ?

In the Universe, there exists an infinite number of timelines. Each of them has a specific past, present, and future.

Now, you too can consciously choose the timeline that unveils your desired outcome in the physical world. ?

With the new Earth energy, you are able to manifest more rapidly than ever. Use it to your advantage!

If you’d like to be guided through the awakening process, you’re welcome to book a spiritual session with Kimberly here

online groups for lightworkers
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How You Know When to Leave an Online Group

Humans are social beings and the sense of tribe, or belonging, is extremely strong.

If we’re not meeting in person (since so many Lightworkers are going it solo), we’ll still strive to connect with others via social media.  It can be a lonely road, for sure, this Lightworker stuff.

Even though I live in Los Angeles, one of the most forward-thinking cities in the world, it’s still hard to connect on a regular basis with actual people, in person. So online we go, in search of that one tiny feeling of connection with someone else that thinks even a little bit like me.

Social media has its pros and cons, and you already know them, so we’ll skip that.  One of the benefits of social media is the gathering of people sharing a similar belief or situation.  Add to that the near anonymity of their online avatar (no coincidence in the naming of those, you know), and you have a wonderful sampling of polarity from which to choose yet again. There are lots of great Facebook groups that I believe have saved lives by providing the much-needed connection at a crucial time in someone’s life.

And Facebook has a large number of groups related to anything metaphysical or spiritual that you can imagine.  It’s nearly impossible NOT to find a group related to any subject. Groups can provide that needed image, link or hint that your Higher Self’s been waiting for you to notice, to move you along in your growth.

For Lightworkers, there seems to be a specific cycle related to social media groups.

The Lightworker will search for connection related to a current theme they’re exploring.  Let’s say you’re interested in The Event, or Empathic Abilities.

You find a group, and you sign up.  You read first, to get an idea of the culture.  Learn the protocol.  Then maybe start liking things.  As time progresses, you’ll possibly comment, and internally process reactions to those comments (did you like the validation, or are you afraid of your ego taking over?) as you learn more about your desired subject.

Then, you start to notice the trolls commenting their typically stupid things, and you might get miffed.  Then differing viewpoints can spark an online war between fellows, and you watch on the sidelines shaking your head.  Soon enough, more comments start to incite anger in you, because they just can’t see the big picture, you think. You may start avoiding the group, until finally you just leave it.

Hah, see how even online interaction can make you grow?  It’s all about frequency. You draw the information/person/situation to yourself until the vibrations no longer match.  Then you part.

Subjects that might need processing as you consider leaving a group:

  • Checking ego.  Is it wanting constant validation that you matter?
  • Arrogance.  Do you think that you are further along than someone else?  Remember it’s a circle.  They could be revolutions ahead of you!
  • Isolation.  Are you using online as a substitute for physical interaction?
  • Trust.  On occasion, online groups spur physical meetings.  How do you feel about meeting someone online?

Once you believe that you have gleaned all you can from your group experience, then leave it with love (not flames!) and move on to the next interest.


Earth Energy






445 (make choices that reflect the most authentic you)

555 (upcoming change)



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277 activation code
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277: Activation Code for The Flip

Your Higher Self is pretty witty, sending you activation codes disguised as license plates, restaurant receipts and the time displayed on clocks.

Exciting stuff, I think, because not only does the consistent viewing of repeating numbers strike up inquiry within as to the basis of coincidence, you’re also downloading and activating codes that have been dormant in your DNA all this time.

After the usual 11:11, 222, 333, and similar numbers, your activation codes will become more specific.

One indication that you are about to jump into 4th Density is that you will most likely start observing the number 288 in ridiculous amounts. This precursor code is a reminder to suspend doubt as you awaken, for there are many layers of the 3D illusion that will be stripped away as you ascend. Our society is taught to doubt the intuition and bodily senses as faulty at best.  They are not to be trusted, for if you did, you would be way too powerful to control.

When you being seeing the number 288, it is most likely after a huge spiritual growth spurt in which new abilities are developing.  Perhaps you’ve been clairvoyant lately, and you’ve seen visions of an event prior to its happening in the physical.  But then immediately, the 3D programming overpowers it as stupid, crazy or your imagination.

The 288 Effect, as I call it, is the reminder to suspend doubts while you train yourself further to trust in the messages the Universe is sending to you.

After your new habit of suspending doubt takes hold, then you might begin seeing the number 277.

That’s when shit gets fun!

The consistent presentation of the code 277 is an indication that you are close to making The Flip, or the point at which you are trusting MORE than you are doubting.

You will begin to see your routines soften, you’ll focus on doing things that make you more joyful (which could included blowing off a boring job because you know something better is coming), and you will most likely develop some wild creativity.  Your potential will be blooming in all areas of your life.

How long it takes for you to make The Flip depends on many factors, including:

  • How deep your programming is.
  • How much time you have to yourself to explore life without external 3D responsibilities.
  • How well you eliminate your mind chatter.

For me, it took about 2 weeks.

Living on the Flip side means you will allow yourself to be led by your Higher Self more often than you doubt the occurrences happening in your daily life.

It’s confirmation of you as the ultimate creator of your reality.  You are lessening the distance between the physical You and the Higher Self 6th Density YOU.

Note that this is not an entirely linear progression; you could be flying high for several days, allowing yourself to flow downstream all day, being led here and there, learning new things, following the guiding impulses, and then the next day some of those old doubts may arise for you to process.  That’s great! There will always be polarity on Earth, no matter what anyone tells you.  You just won’t be so affected by it, and you’ll be able to make your choices without having to physically experience both options to know which one works for you.

This is a 4th Density ability, and Lightworkers are graduating at a rapid rate.

So expect some fun stuff to happen, when you finally let down your fear of insanity and the external judgment of others.  One tip I use to remind myself when those doubts arise:

“Even if I AM crazy, I’m focusing on being the best person I can be, and I live my life based on love and compassion.  If that is considered crazy, then I’m all for it.”


Note: The number 288 is also double the value of 144, which is a very prominent Twin Flame activation code.  Feel into that if you’re part of the Twin Flame experiment.


Earth Energy:





277 (headed toward The Flip)

288 (suspend doubt)




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3d life to 5d life
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Ousting Now: Routine

Routine is a way for humans to make sense of the 3D world.  Are they limiting you?

Humans use routine as an anchor to give us some semblance of structure during our day.  We been programmed to believe that this structure is necessary in order to function efficiently.

I follow a strict morning ritual of pulling divination cards to glean the Earth’s energy for the Energy Report, debating whether or not I should have more coffee, and preparing exactly the same breakfast as yesterday to get me going.

But lately, I’ve been finding my routine horribly disrupted, and I’ve been challenged to look at why this would upset me so much.

After the wringing of hands is done, and I sit there and FEEL, it makes total sense that there should be an initiation period in which the 3D human gets a sense of what 5D is like.

It’s the taste of freedom for mankind.  It’s the vision of having so much faith in being the creator of our own reality that we don’t HAVE to plan anything.

And the Other Me, the one that’s up there with some common sense, relays some light humor and warmth to the situation.  Asks me to look at my objections and feel them out.  This is part of the shattering of the 3D matrix in which we believe that we must DO things in order to GET things.  It was just a paradigm.  Not the ONLY paradigm.

And that although I love having my morning ritual, it’s not necessary in order to exist. Each morning can be different, when we’re totally creating our reality, since we know everything’s going to work out just fine for This Eternal-Being-Right-Here.  Following a pattern is a choice, and not a requirement.

They are just preferences, and there are an infinite number of preferences from which to choose.  Why choose the same, exact preferences every day?  Why not experience something different, switch it up a bit?

You’ll see that if you skip the routine, and follow your highest joy from when you wake up to when you go to sleep, that the things that needed to get done were done, and other stuff can wait.

And that you probably had a good day, because your vibration was high and you just flowed along with the current of things.

So next time a routine habit feels WRONG to you all of a sudden, take a look.  It may be time to put that habit aside and explore another option.  Just to see what it feels like, you know?



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labradorite shatters the matrix illusion
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Labradorite: A Reminder of the Illusion

Want to remind yourself that you’re creating your entire reality? Carry a labradorite around with you.

Labradorite is a feldspar with commonly gray background, and silica inclusions that catch the light and display a “flash” or flame” to the viewer.

The stone is a great reminder that in every moment, no matter how gray it may look, there is always a beautiful opportunity waiting for you if you view it from a different perspective.

Labradorite is known for its ability to dispel illusions (like the 3D not-really-solid-at-all physical reality that we are currently placed within) and to ensure that any holes in your aura are filled with truth.  As we all expand on this journey of upliftment, our doubts and insecurities create holes (or susceptibilities) in our electromagnetic field that allow lower thought forms in to wreak further havoc.

Labradorite is useful for dredging up and healing old memories, including past life issues, reminding you that it’s no longer necessary to heal those karmic imbalances.

Helpful during times of transformation and change, Labradorite can also help prepare the body and soul for awakening.

Here’s how I use it:  When I’m going out into a crowd of people where there is sure to be some lower thought forms (places with lots of drinking, drugs or gambling, for example), I slip a Labradorite in my purse.  Being in crowds like this will assist you in such ways as:

  • Curbing your judgment of others’ behavior.
  • Filling up holes in your aura so that lower thought forms go elsewhere.
  • Remind you that you are a player in the game, and those around you are simply acting out parts along with you.
  • Balance you to function in both physical and spiritual realities with ease.

It’s hard not to fall in love with this stone, especially since the “flash” is so prismatically beautiful.  Consider a tower to place on your desk at work to remind you that even your annoying boss is a perfect aspect of Source just playing out a part in your game.

More information on Labradorite can be found here.

If you really want to dive into learning about crystals, consider the Crystal Bible:



Earth Energy:





688 (material needs met, sell something you’ve been intending to sell)

88 (balanced interpersonal relationship)



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how do you treat people in your fantasies?
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Video: How Do You Treat People in Your Fantasies?

Kimberly discusses things you can learn about yourself by examining your fantasies.

How do you treat the people in them? How do they treat you?

This new Earth energy allows you to manifest even faster than ever.  Do you want to manifest that fantasy?  If so, take a look at the relationships between the people in them, because that’s what is going to show up in the physical.