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Your Answers Are In the Present, Not in the Past

Our life on Earth has included multiple repeats of an undesired past. When a choice needs to be made, it is common to look back at previous history and base our decisions on how it all played out last time.

Do you want things to play out that way, or would you rather have something new happen this time around? It has been human nature to look back at our past (ummmm, you’re focusing on it again!) and using that past experience to determine our current course of action.

This does not serve you.  The reason history keeps repeating itself is because we keep making the same choices. You will be presented with similar situations repeatedly until you choose the path that follows your soul’s theme.

Common retorts to the above statement will include:

“So past experiences mean nothing?  We learned lessons from them—like what not to do next time!”

Here’s the flaw in that premise:

Situations are never the same.  Even if they appear the same on the surface, YOU, and every other person you’re interacting with in that situation, are a different person than you were the last time around.

The new energy on Earth is urging us to live more in the present, and to not revert to the past with respect to decision-making.  Every answer that you need to make a decision is available to you in the present.  These come to you in the form of synchronicities, gut feelings and gentle nudges from your Higher Self in a particular direction.

So next time you’re faced with a decision, know that referring to the past no longer serves you, unless you want to repeat it again.  Treat every new occurrence as just that:  NEW.

Use prompts from RIGHT NOW to guide you, and know that things that didn’t work in the past have the potential of happening this time around.

How exciting!


Earth Energy:






999 (End of an era)

555 (Abrupt change upcoming; it doesn’t have to be negative!)



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Abundance: Money vs Experiences

Here’s my favorite definition of abundance:  The state or condition of having a copious quantity of something.  Right???

Abundance is probably the #1 request that humans request of Source.

Now let’s define abundance, just in case you were about to comment that money means nothing to you.


That copious quantity could be money; but it could also be success, it could be love, it could be healthy habits.  Although our Western society is centered around defining abundance as having lots of money (because those that run things from the Underbelly World have structured our economy so as to require money to meet even basic survival needs,) the truth is that abundance can be defined in a myriad of ways.

Let’s look at some other ways to experience abundance.  Say you would like to learn something new, and that something new requires basic supplies in order to learn.

For instance, I wanted to learn the game of Mahjong.  The game requires a relatively-expensive set of tiles and other items in order to play. So I start shopping for a Mahjong set with which to learn the game.

Of course, Amazon is first, so that I can determine the best value for my money.  I see that a decent set is about $100.

I could buy a Mahjong set right now, with $100 from my bank account, and thanks to Amazon Prime, I can start learning the game in just a few hours.

So for what have I exchanged my money? Let’s take a look.

The deficit from my bank account is $100; yet is the credit to my “abundance” account $100?

I can look at the transaction in a number of ways:

  • If I never learn Mahjong, then the game sits in a closet somewhere, and my $100 is “wasted.”
  • If I learn the game, play with friends here and there, my $100 could equal out based on the value of my enjoyment playing with friends.
  • If I learn the game, and excel at it, I could play in tournaments, and win prizes.  Then my $100 has magnified itself to provide monetary abundance as a return on my investment.

It really boils down to how you value abundance.  Is the money in the bank more important than the enjoyment received from the money you spend?

As you awaken, you’ll find that you’ll naturally lean more towards experiencing things rather than accumulating money in a bank account.

You’ll value the “things” that you do buy, not for the acquisition of them, but for the pleasure that they bring to you. There is no right or wrong here, so if you feel like you need a boatload of cash to feel safe in our world, that’s totally cool.

You already know that you can’t take it with you. So use that money as a tool to gain valuable soul experience.  This, you will take with you.


Earth Energy






14 (Be careful what you wish for, you’re going to get it)

333 (Surrounded by family)




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Accessing Akashic Records - Kimberly Darwin
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Akashic Records: Tapping Into Other Peoples’ Lives

The Akashic records are like a huge database of all human lives ever lived, ever.

You have access to these records, including the lives of other people.  That’s why you can hear about multiple people living the life of Joan of Arc, or another famous figure.

It’s in your power to tap into these other lives anytime you would like to experience what that person felt.  You don’t have to live their life to reap the benefits of their experience.

That’s power!



symptoms of awakening
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That One Weird New Awakening Symptom

The Awakening process is comprised of upgrades to all aspects of YOU: Mind, Spirit and —Good Lord!—your Physical Body.

That sounds like fun.  Being upgraded. Right?

Not always so much fun.

Let’s take a quick look at what upgrades to each part of YOU could look like.


Upgrades to your Mind are made so that you can use it more efficiently.

For a human, you just may feel like you are freaking out.  Know that these are positive upgrades, and the symptoms will subside.

Some common symptoms include:

  • Hearing a song whose lyrics feel like they were written just for you.
  • Seeing repeating numbers.
  • Overhearing conversations of others that answer a question you just asked yourself 5 minutes ago.

These experiences are indications that your mind is recognizing patterns, signals and prompts that were programmed there (by YOU) to switch “on” at a certain point in your life. That’s great news!  Start taking note when these prompts occur, because they always have relevance if you’re aware of them.


Upgrades to your Spirit Body are made to align your connection with Source.

Symptoms from spiritual upgrades vary widely among individuals.  Here are the most common:

  • Spaciness or Light Headedness
  • Decreased inclination to “play society’s game” anymore
  • Isolation: you’d rather be alone than with people

Experiences such as this are signals that you’re more in alignment with your Higher Self.  The veil of forgetfulness is lifting, and you are strengthening the connection to the part of you running the show.  Your ability to consciously create has just magnified itself exponentially.


Upgrades to your Physical Body are made to change your chemical composition.

As scary as that sounds, these improvements are changing your actual physical structure from a carbon-based being to a crystalline-based entity. You’re now even closer to your pure Essence, which is Light. You are integrating back into your Light Body.

Yet the physical symptoms that your body feels could be scary.  Here are a few:

  • Flu Symptoms from out of nowhere
  • Sleep disruption; waking up at 3am
  • Vibrations in your hands or feet

There could be some pain; that’s also normal.  My suggestion is that if something feels wrong, then please see a medical doctor (in accordance with your beliefs) to rule out anything biologically that needs balance.

Otherwise, if your gut tells you to wait it out, then such symptoms usually subside in 3-5 days.

Here’s the newest, weirdest physical symptom I have been experiencing:

You know when you’re on a plane, and it makes a sharp descent?  Like you’re falling straight down? Your stomach raises up in your chest cavity and you are suddenly shot into a super-conscious state.

Think about when that happens.  No matter what you’re doing, you always, always stop what you’re doing to recognize that weird feeling in your gut.

Yet it’s not a great feeling when you’re sitting stationary, strapped into a car in gridlocked Los Angeles traffic. Or when you’re eating on the patio at a fancy restaurant. It will catch you off-guard every time.

So if this symptom occurs in you, take advantage of that super-consciousness and connect with Source.  It’s trying to get your attention to deliver an important message.


These symptoms are just a short list of many you may be experiencing in your journey to awakening.  Some of them really suck, but thankfully most of them are brief.

You can read the more comprehensive list of Awakening Symptoms on our Awakening Symptoms page.


Earth Energy:


Royal Blue




1111 (Snapshot of your thoughts; make them good)

1024 (You’ve received another byte of information – take note)



author: Kimberly

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Do Animals Have Souls Too?

By now, I’m sure you understand that there is a soul aspect of yourself that is much larger than the boundaries of your physical existence. So do animals have souls like ours?

Yesterday we talked about cats being secret fluffy guides living right beside us.  Today, I’ll expand on the concept of animal souls and their roles in our Earthly existence.

Let’s get this straight first:  Animals are not lesser beings than humans.

In fact, many are more consciously advanced than most humans, in that they are able to shift their dimensional vibration in an instant by not being subject to the cultural programming of society…or basically, they don’t have doubts like we do, holding them back.

And despite the story told in one of my favorite books, The Art of Racing in the Rain, animals do not start as animals and reincarnate as humans as they evolve. It’s a great story, either way, and I recommend it for a warm view of life from a dog’s perspective.

Think of animal souls as more of a collective, for want of a better word.  Their bonds are stronger; they are more integrated, with less feeling of separation than humans feel.  This was done by design.  Animals lack the veil of forgetfulness placed on humans on the journey of rediscovering our power.

That’s how you can see photos of elephants and dogs as best friends, or orangutans cuddling with baby tigers; seemingly disparate species of animals getting along just fine.  It’s once humans put their stamp of judgment on things that such relationships seem odd.  To the animals, interactions with other similar souls—no matter what package they’re currently in—is perfectly normal.

There is one important thing to note here regarding the interactions of humans with their animals:

Animals that experience love and compassion from humans receive extra benefits that wild animals do not receive.  The interaction between human and animal results in a quickening of consciousness for both parties.

This means that your loving interaction with your pet not only benefits you, but it also benefits the animal relating to you.  The energy transfer moves in both directions.

You have now added to your pet’s resume by providing experiences of love, nurturing and shared joy. Through such interactions with you, your pet will develop personality quirks as you age together.

And guess what?

It’s quite common for a deceased pet to reincarnate into your next pet, in search of more of those loving benefits you provided to him.

So you see, this bond extends beyond the Earthly plane, just as it does for human souls.

If you’ve recently lost a pet, I’m sorry.  When you are ready to add another member to your family, keep an eye out for those same personality quirks your previous pet displayed.  This is an indication that your pet has come back to you.


Love and Light.  Pet your furry friend for me.


Earth Energy:






77 (Trust:  you are headed for greatness)

100 (Claircognizance – trust what is sent to you)




author: Kimberly

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cat head
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Cats: Fluffy 5D Guides Right in Your Home

Cats are a perfect example of beings living mostly in 5D.  Wait, but how can they guide anyone when they are asleep all the time?


Animals play many roleson Earth, from companion, to annoyance, to huge opportunity-giver for compassion.  They move us emotionally deep down, as you can see by the propensity of animal-related material that circulates between humans.  Such wonderful catalysts for human growth.

Cats, along with other animals (birds are another great example), do not need to spend large amounts of time in our 3D physical environment to provide service.  Much of their time, about 20 hours a day on average, is spent in other dimensions.  They appear to be sleeping when we observe them, but, just as when humans sleep or meditate, their consciousness is focused elsewhere: doing exciting cat things, living exciting other lives, expanding in their own ways.

Despite their appearance of being long gone in dreamy-time, cats are still interacting with you even in that state.

If you have a cat, you know how often you look over, see them asleep, and feel a special calmness and warmth at the sight of them.

BOOM.  Interaction!  Guidance!  Co-creation!  Frequency Jump!

That’s what guides do.  You had one in your own home, and you didn’t even know it was happening.


Tomorrow I’ll talk about animal souls, in case you are wondering what’s up in that area.


Earth Energy:






14 (Be careful what you wish for–you’re going to get it)

100 (Claircognizance; heed what is sent to you)



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when the ugly part of you comes out
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When Your Forked-Tongue Comes Out

The path to awakening is non-linear.  One day, you’re flying high, and the next day your forked-tongue spews out nastiness suitable for a reality show.  You might wonder if you’re really advancing at all.

This happens to me when I have to call customer support.  For, like, anything.

Now having worked in customer support for decades, one would think that I would have compassion for the person at the other end of the line.  Yet my fuse gets short at ineptitude for a quick solution to my problem, and every insecurity that exists in me forms into nasty retorts flung at the poor representative just there doing her job.

This is a persistent occurrence in the awakening process, where you must interact with a party who is required to listen to you because it’s their job.  And it’s your chance to gauge where you are on your personal scale of compassion.  You don’t need to have worked in a call center to understand how difficult that job must be.

So here’s me, on the phone with a representative, and I’m livid at her telling me (in the nicest way possible) that I was wrong.  She pushed that button, unknowingly from her perspective, that disinterred every doubt about my value as a human on this damn piece of rock.  And as my voice gets more intense, I can feel both her straining to maintain her composure, and her diminishing willingness to view my situation with any compassion at all.

These encounters are opportunities for both parties, of course.  Both my lack of restraint, and her faltering restraint, is valuable information for each of us and where we are with respect to our growth. It’s a great chance to observe the use of compassion in both directions.

In the end, my argument with her was unsound, and she was glad to pass me off to her supervisor to fix the issue.  By then, I had realized the lesson in this awful encounter, and I was able to regain my composure and get the problem solved with the next guy’s assistance.

If you encounter this ugliness in yourself, realize it’s just another shadow part of you arising to be loved.  Recognize that disagreeable part of your small self, and ask your Higher Self for some direction in releasing it.

And then, as always, get yourself to a higher vibration as soon as you can.  Baby goats!  They work every time.


Earth Energy






666 (Maintain physical/spiritual balance)

779 (Things arise to be released)



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make small changes to your desires
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Keep Refining Your Desires

If you have been the most authentic version of YOU, and maintaining your vibration of joy, then you know that your desires will soon manifest in your physical world.

That’s the wonder of the Law of Attraction.  Just by staying joyful in every possible moment, you bring yourself closer to the physical experience that matches your positive state.  Yet you might be wandering around the physical world, in your state of anticipation, wondering when this “thing” will happen.

It’s because we’ve been taught by others to expect that “thing” to appear in one dramatic fell swoop;  from a “not being there” state to a “being there” state. And that will happen.

But it might not happen in one single instant.  You are most likely moving closer to it in small steps; little changes in perception about what you want, and why you want it, honing your vibrational state to better correlate with what you really want.

I am sure that you can recount a time in your past when you manifested your desire, and you realized you really didn’t want it all that much.  In the New Energy, your vision is clearer, and as you progress through your day, you are able to make small conscious adjustments to your requests based on the current, present YOU.  This is great news!

So remember that if it hasn’t shown up yet, then it’s not supposed to be there yet; there are some inconsistencies between what your “small self” and your “Higher Self” believe is right for you at this time.  The more you connect with your Higher Self on these matters, the faster that gap will converge.

So renew those desires on a regular basis, incorporating your new truths, your new perspective, and new excitement about receiving it—in exactly the way that you want it to appear.  Then go play. The Universe knows what it is doing.


Earth Energy



Terra cotta



226 (Clarify the WHY of something you want)

777 (Everything is in divine order)



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mastering food
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Mastering Food

Let’s face it:  Food is awesome.  All those different tastes, the celebration around the dinner table with family and friends.  Food is am integral part of Earthly culture.

And despite the fact that we require it to exist, most humans have an ongoing love-hate relationship with food.

There are two trains of thought on food’s value in one’s life.  You either:

Exist to eat.


Eat to exist.

Growing up in a large Sicilian family, my best memories were of family gatherings focused around food.  And if you have ever eaten with an Italian family, you know that food is taken very seriously.  If you’re not sitting AND eating, then Italian mothers question your health and your overall sanity. We ate well, and often.

There are other cultures in which food’s main function is as a tool to fuel the physical body.  The attention is less on the community experience as it is on food’s utilitarian benefits.

So where are you on this scale?  There is no right or wrong answer, and there can be a healthy balance between the two.

Once you determine your beliefs about food, we can delve deeper into what food does to your body after you eat it.

Western capitalism thrives on our addiction to food.  Not just to satisfy hunger, but to address emotional issues that underly our actions.  Corporations are banking on your addiction to food. Most don’t want you to understand your reasoning behind why you crave it; that would be loss in revenue for them if you become a conscious consumer. So food continues to be advertised in an emotionally-charged manner in hopes of selling you more.

And unconscious early programming instructs many of us to use food to solve our problems.

Early programming also determines how the food that you eat affects you.  Do you believe that you can eat anything you want and not get fat? Few people do.  More likely, you believe that the more you eat, the fatter you get.

That may or may not be true for you, but the belief that it is so, will make it so, in your physical reality.

And my answer is not to simply change your belief about food making you fat.  My answer is to ask yourself what you feel when you’re eating the food that you eat.

  • Does it make you feel energized?
  • Do you feel full after you eat it?
  • Do you feel “guilty” about what you’re eating?
  • Do you recognize cravings and what steps do you take to satisfy them?

It’s questions about how you FEEL about your food that will help you determine how your body processes food.

So before you eat whatever you’re about to eat, ask yourself how you FEEL about putting it in your mouth.  Is there another food you could eat that may make you feel better about eating?  Are you even hungry?

Once you’ve identified the feeling, adjust accordingly, and dig in.


Earth Energy






44 (archangels and high-vibration guides present)

0000 (cleaning up unfinished business leads to ancestral healing)



author: Kimberly

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Spinning Your Wheels? Take Your Foot Off the Gas

Are you receiving physical evidence of your desires? I hope so. But if not, you could be trying too hard.

And you probably don’t even know you’re doing it.

Let’s say you are desiring a new job.  The one you have frustrates you, you hate waking up on Mondays, and you don’t feel fulfilled.  You take the time to determine your true career path, and you’ve mapped it out and written it down.  You begin your visualization, your meditation, and you envision yourself enjoying this new career which you feel is closer to your purpose, your calling.

And you wait for it. And you wait, and you tap your foot and wait.  And no job.  And soon it will be Monday again.

It’s easy for your thought processes to change from positive anticipation, to one of lack.

Whining begins, comparison to others begins, you start doubting the whole validity of reality and whether you’ve just been rolling in snake oil all this time with this Law of Attraction shit. You could look back to the past when Uncle Jerry dug ditches for 12 hours a day to feed his family, and he never complained a single day.  To war-times, when people didn’t even have a choice of jobs, and thank God you have one at all.

Thoughts like that will change your vibration in an instant. You may start using effort to find a new job.  Hanging out on Indeed, submitting resumes for every position listing that even contains words you like. Pounding the pavement, as we say.


This is when your frequency has changed, and you are sending out vibes to the Universe that you don’t trust it. It’s like “flooring it” in your car, but there’s no traction, so your wheels just spin in place, sending up smoke that makes your eyes burn. The wheels are spinning because you’re trying to help the Universe along, to achieve your desires in YOUR timeframe.

Read this:  The Universe does not need your nudge.  It’s a well-oiled masterpiece that’s been delivering perfectly-timed desires for billions of years and it doesn’t need a consultant.

Let go. Sit back.  Play gin rummy.  Do whatever you need to do to keep your vibration at the positive anticipation level or higher. Distract yourself by having fun.

Here it comes:

“So you’re saying that my new job will come with NO effort on my part?  It’s just supposed to drop in my lap?  What about all those times you talk about recognizing signs, and synchronicity, and breadcrumbs?”

That’s exactly what I’m saying.

Those signs, those breadcrumbs, will come to you while you’re in that anticipatory state; while you’re playing gin rummy, or choosing zucchini at Trader Joe’s.  That synchronicity will hit you and you will be in a calm enough mind state to recognize it.  And after you recognize it, another one will follow it.  And all you must do is follow the trail.

This is when your efforts will pay off, because you’ll be directed as to the next step to take.  Your effort will be easy.  It won’t feel like you are spinning your wheels.  You’ll see positive displacement from where you were, to where you are now, and you’ll recognize the advances you’ve made.  And your building excitement at your progress brings up your vibration even higher with each breadcrumb you recognize and take action from. This is how you can increase your vibration to match that new job, and how you’ll feel when you achieve it.

So trust.  Take your foot off the gas if you feel those wheels spinning.

Put yourself in neutral, and play with the radio until the Universal GPS sends you a signal.  Then you can put yourself into gear and follow the signs.


Earth Energy


Sparkly Blue




777 (Everything is in divine order)

888 (Renewed financial abundance)



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