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you were probably king in another life
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Past Lives: They Weren’t All Horrible, You Know

Lightworker, you have lived many lives in preparation for this very one you’re living now.

With each incarnation, you learned more about yourself, by creating scenarios and situations that challenged you in any number of ways.  Those lives provided you the fortitude that braces you in this current incarnation—the you that is different from the others, the you that follows your inner compass, the you that has all of the skills needed to lead others by example.

In the thousands of lives of an old soul, there is no doubt you’ve been slaughtered, you’ve been abused, overcome with grief, abandoned.  All of those awful things that gave you the experience to understand your fellows who experience it in this timeline we’re all surfing.

Yet the natural state of the Universe is one of balance.  Which means that—even if overachiever souls like Lightworkers have a special duty above and beyond those of other souls—we still had lives that went well.

Lives in which there was little traumatic strife, lives in which we excelled easily.

Lives in which we were adored.

Most past-life regressions that I review recall the negatively-focused lives.  I think that’s been our history, regurgitating itself so that we could address it and heal.  However those days are coming to an end, so now it’s OK to recall those GOOD lives, those FUN lives, and those lives in which you experienced joy.

They are in there, so feel for them next time you meditate.  Remind yourself that you are a whole being, who can observe any one of your experiences, including the happy ones.

Then, see what happens in your life when you focus on that joy.


Earth Energy:






000 (At one with the Universe, ancestors)

17 (Look back at who you were, and appreciate who you are now)



author: Kimberly

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holding hands with your partner
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A Partner is Waiting for the Real You

There is someone out there whose soul is waiting for you to come out of hiding.

Listen.  There are plenty of inauthentic people in our world.  Rampant egos, broken expectations so painful that they supersede the will to consciously create a better reality. There are people who choose to remain in pain because it serves their purpose right now for expansion.

If you’re reading this, that is not you.  You, and I, consistently address our brokenness and we are formulating pathways to better beliefs.  The part of us that is hiding behind the need to fit in is breaking down, and we are realizing the potential available to us by being so unique that we shine in our incomparability.

Your partner—who is another WHOLE rather than another half—is waiting for you to be exactly Who You Really Are. The You that allows your uniqueness to show in every one of your moments.

How do I know this?  Because we all want love.  Not a single human doesn’t want love.  That’s the reason we showed up here on this savage chunk of rock in physical form in the first place.  To remember that the essence of Who We Are is love.

And that person, whomever he or she is, has been sending out the desire for someone just like you, just as you’ve been sending out the desire for your own partner.

It’s only your resistance holding you back.  The more you allow your authentic self to shine, the less resistance you have, and the faster you will see that person.  They are already there.  You just can’t see them yet because the glasses you’re currently wearing to see the world are filtering them out through resistance.

Today, take your “resistance glasses” off.  Would you act differently?  Will you say different things? Will you acknowledge the synchronicities being presented to you, and act on them?

I guarantee, you can see much better without your glasses.


Earth Energy:






888 (Financial abundance is near)

1024 (You’ve received another byte of information – take note)



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energy comes in all forms
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Are You Meeting People Vastly Different From Yourself?

Integration means accepting all parts of yourself, which include other people that look, and live, vastly different from the way you do.

We all know about the homeless guy down the street, and we know that it’s right to send him love and compassion.  In this new Energy, there will be more people like that showing up in your purview, for you to address.

On a microcosmic scale, that’s other humans that may live very different lives, who have made—consciously, or unconsciously—decisions that have put them on a different path than yours.  Your paths will cross for a short time, and you’ll have the chance to integrate that person, through understanding and acceptance, remembering that their path is unique to them; and that all paths lead home.

People you might encounter:

  • Physically or mentally-challenged humans
  • Those living an alternate lifestyle, such as homelessness, polygamy or asceticism
  • Those using fame or wealth to live to the extreme
  • Those vastly different in age than you who interact with you unexpectedly

On a macrocosmic scale, there are also alternate parts of yourself.  Those who don’t live in human bodies, for instance; those who, if they suddenly appeared before you, might scare the shit out of you. Those parts are coming back as well, to be integrated.

Beings you might encounter and how:

So this merging is happening on multiple levels, each bringing you closer to total integration with Source.  All good things!  Make sure to take note of what you see, feel or hear.  Even if you feel they have no relevance to your current life, you are planting seeds for future synchronicities.  Write them down and enjoy when their meaning reveals itself to you in the upcoming days.


Earth Energy:





333 (You are surrounded by your guides of all shapes and sizes – family)

1111 (Snapshot of your thoughts)



author: Kimberly

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disasters can be miracles
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Disasters Redefined as Miracles – Happening Now

So you’ve been visualizing your dreams, and you’re living in that state for as long as possible.

Your physical life is beginning to show signs of moving you in the direction of your dreams.

Life is getting easier, grander, more joy-filled.

And then, BAM!

Something happens to set you back.  Could be a job loss, a divorce or maybe an accident.

This might be the time when you question your ability to create.

Why would the Universe send you back to remedial lessons?  Is there a God up there laughing at us as he squishes us like ants on a playground? I used to wonder that, if we were just a petri dish experiment.  Now I know we are, but that’s for a different day.

Take a look at this seeming disaster with your new pair of further-awakened eyes (all THREE of them), and ask yourself, “How has my vibration been lately?  Has it been the highest available to me? Or have I been sending out some negative vibes when those old shitty thoughts slip in?”

Be honest, because your integrity, and your FUTURE, depend on it.

If you conclude that you have been maintaining that good feeling in your recent past, then know that your seeming “disaster” is just preparation for receiving your desire.

Consider yourself shedding a skin, like a snake (my darkness-embracing visualization) or a butterfly leaving its cocoon behind (for you brighter Polyanna types.)

Use that perspective to KNOW that this occurrence is still a step in your desired direction, that you’ll get through it; and that greener grass is on the other side.

On the other hand, if you’ve been sending out those lower-frequency vibrations, then you could be on a path for more of the same.  Do whatever you need to do to raise your vibration and course correct your path.  Fuzzy kittens. Candy Crush.  Headbanging music if that brings you up.  Whatever it takes.

And congratulations on your expansion, Awakened Trailblazer!  Isn’t life exponentially more exciting now that you know YOU are creating it?


Earth Energy






666 (maintain spiritual / physical balance)

7777 (Everything is in Divine Order – trust the process)



author: Kimberly

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are you working at a job you hate?
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Do You Have a Case of the Mondays?

You had a good weekend, relaxed, caught up on the fun part of life.  You may have gone to bed last night with that sinking feeling, the knowing that when you get up the next morning, you must go to a job that doesn’t fuel your passion for life.

Total Office Space stuff.  And my description describes 70% of our Western Culture.  Those of us that still foster the belief that you can’t make money doing something you love.

I won’t be the one lecturing you on this one, because I am part of that 70% myself. I had that sinking feeling last night too, and I woke up wondering where the belief that “you must suffer to survive” really came from.

There are tons of circulating theories that describe this belief:

  • You are working for the Man
  • Reptilians run the world and you are just a pawn
  • The government knows what’s best for you
  • It’s your duty to mankind to serve the world from 8 – 5.

All theories, all of which divert our ego-driven mind away from feeling what the hell it really is that’s keeping us from doing what we love, AND making enough money to live, doing it.

Let’s dig deeper to see if we can find it:

  • You are afraid that you will starve.
  • You’re going to be one of those people living in a cardboard box under a bridge.
  • You have a family to feed.  Your needs should come last.
  • It would be irresponsible to just up and quit a well-paying job.

So many fears hiding in that one Monday-morning let down, eh?

I just named a few, but I’m sure you could add to the list.

So what to do?  Do you quit your job now, or drudge on until you kick down the cubicle wall and start defrauding the company by filching pennies at a time? Do you jump and hope for the net?  Or do you wait until the pain of work is greater than your fears of starvation?

Yeah. I get it.  I can’t make that decision for you, but as someone who has jumped without the net (and there it was) and as someone who has held onto a job way too long, I can see exactly where you are if you are on the fence about what to do.

Here’s my take on it:

On Monday morning, if you intend to go to your job, try looking at it from a different perspective.  Is there something that you can focus on about it that can get you through while you spend non-work hours meditating on what your next step is?

Here are a few suggestions on what you could focus on:

  • A coworker that makes you laugh
  • The opportunity to extend kindnesses to someone on your commute
  • Making extra sales so that you can save the excess money for after you jump ship
  • Respect for your boss, who has always treated you fairly
  • Appreciation for the chance to learn something and get paid for it

It is my hope that you, Lightworker, get to do what makes your heart sing.  I hope that you feel the same way for me.  Remember to always keep your focus on the vibration of being there, even if you are physically at a job that isn’t creating that for you right now.  It’s gotta show up if you do that, so be ready to jump.  There’s a net there. I promise.


Earth Energy:


Light Green




666 (Balance material and spiritual)

1010 (Get out of your comfort zone)




author: Kimberly

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as you ascend, your view improves
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Wishing You Were Awake Earlier in Life?

Do you regret all of the trauma, broken hearts, and bad decisions that you experienced when you were asleep?

It’s programmed in you to look back with the human mind at your past and make judgments. It’s normal that you would give yourself a facepalm at all the shit you put yourself through just to learn those lessons that are so obvious to you now, in hindsight.

I bet I can tell you some things about the Awake you:

  • Your mind is much clearer now than it was back then.
  • You’ve done inner work to heal wounds, practice compassion and find more stillness in your life.
  • You can put yourself in others’ shoes now and understand what they are going through.
  • You now glean the lesson from a situation without having to suffer as much.

And if you look back 4 weeks from today, I bet you can recognize the growth that you’ve experienced even in that short time.

Since you’re creating your entire reality, remember that you must have wanted it to play out exactly as it did, or you wouldn’t have created it.

Of course there were a multitude of decisions you could have made regarding a situation; perhaps you chose one that resulted in pain, because at the time you needed to feel pain to get your own attention.

Your Higher Self was sending you the same synchronicities, the same signs and breadcrumbs that you now see, confirm and heed. But back then, your level of consciousness was focused in a different perspective; you were looking at things through a different pair of glasses, and things that didn’t fit in with your beliefs at that time were dismissed or ignored.

Then, you grew.

And those same breadcrumbs presented to you now have meaning, because you changed your glasses.  You are seeing from a larger perspective now, from within your current level of consciousness, plus all of those at the levels you just ascended from.  You have climbed higher on the mountain, and your view is much broader from up here.

Each level of consciousness you passed through on your way up the mountain prepared you to better communicate with, have compassion for, and heal, the people around you that still focus in realities downhill from you.  That makes every one of your past traumas worthwhile experiences; and you are contributing to Earth’s evolution by healing not only yourself, but being there to heal others along the way.


Celebrate that shit, and keep climbing that mountain.


Earth Energy:





10 (End of a spiritual cycle)

222 (Keep visualizing what you want to see and don’t take your eyes off it)



author: Kimberly

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mandala for forgiveness
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Are You Dredging up Ghosts From the Past in Your Dreams?

Oh the New Energy!  It’s like white water rafting and you’re headed downstream, even if you’d rather stay ashore. Now is a time of huge clearing, and if you don’t do it while you’re awake, you’ll do it in the dream state.

Old friends, lovers, the kid in second grade that used to kick you on the playground (her name was Lisa Mattyus for me.)  All of those people from your past that did you wrong, broke your heart or bruised your pride.

They’ll be coming back now for you to address. All I can say is: Thank God it’s now, after I’ve done much of my inner work, for they are easier to forgive.

Your conscious-self may have forgotten all about them; but energetically, there is obviously still some work for you to do to balance out that relationship.  And time has probably etched away at pain’s sting, so now you can observe those ghosts from the past without the fraught emotion, and send them on their way for good.

If you aren’t seeing your ghosts in your waking hours, they’ll be showing up in your dreams; it’s much easier to balance out that energy in your natural Delta/REM dream state.  This clearance is final, and you probably won’t have to deal with that annoyance again.

Shit is being BALANCED now, for sure.

So sleep up and release, my friends.  And to Lisa Mattyus, wherever you are, you were a mean person, and you are forgiven.  Thank you for making me stronger.


Earth Energy:





527 (Changes you’ve been making are beneficial to you)

1010 (Fine tune and remember you are creating your reality)



author: Kimberly

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Sources for further reading if you’re interested:

Brain Waves



survival fears
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Survival Terror — Happening Now

One of Earth’s themes in 2018 is of clearing out old fears so that we can move to 5D.  Sounds painful, but it doesn’t have to be.  One huge subject in March so far has been that of our very survival.

Lightworker, no doubt you have lived many a life where you starved to death, or died of sickness because you couldn’t afford the cure.  Plague was probably involved (it was such a hot subject in the 1300’s,) and you’re still carrying that around unless you have done the work to transmute it.

If you are now dealing with terror about losing your way of life—in the form of your job, your health or the fate of Earth itself—then those subjects are surfacing for you, and the collective, to heal.  Get them out.

The new Earth energy allows you to recognize your lessons without having to experience debilitating situations to get your attention.  Survival fears are the hot topic right now, and as a Lightworker, when you face your own fears, you are also facing them for the entire collective.  You are a healer.  You chose this.

How to address your survival fear right now:

  • Start with recognizing the fear has surfaced.
  • Instead of dulling it with self-medication (wine, food, etc), sit down and ask it to come forward.
  • Remember that the best way out is through.
  • Look back at this life so far and remind yourself that you are well-fed and resources are plentiful.
  • Recognize that as an old soul, you probably have starved in another life, but you have better tools now.
  • Know that your Higher Self guides you in your effort to release these outdated beliefs.
  • Confirm that you have all the skills necessary to exist in this reality without pain or suffering.
  • Send the fear out to the Universe with the resolve that it no longer affects your life.
  • Let it all go.

Now, go play.  Do something that makes you laugh. This will raise your vibration back to the highest available frequency for you, and will aid in releasing the resistance. You have done your work.

You will not starve.  Everything will be fine.  Life is abundant and you have every right to that abundance, and no one else will suffer from you having everything you desire.  People are inherently good. You are loved.


Earth Energy:






777 (Everything is in Divine Order)

888 (Abundance is abundant)




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finding hidden resistance
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Is Everything ALMOST Going Perfectly For You?

So you’ve been working on yourself.  Facing those fears head on, redesigning the beliefs that work for you, and sending out crystal clear intentions on what you want to create in your life.

Congratulations, Trailblazer!  You are a wayshower for the rest of humanity; you’re early to the game of ascension, and your life is no doubt showing great improvement from where you were even a year ago.

Is everything, in all corners of your life, going the way you want it to?

Do you have the job, the partner, the purpose, the health, that matches the desires you’re sending out?

If so, then I am doing the Happy Dance with you, because I love to see everyone around me succeed.

If not, then you are among the majority of Lightworkers at the moment, who understands the Law of Attraction, uses it consistently, and is seeing positive results in MOST areas of their life.

It’s OK to be there, by the way.  You are a winner already.  Your value is not at doubt here.

The only thing you’re experiencing is resistance, in one area, that you are so used to having, you don’t even know it’s there. I call it “foxing.”

Foxes are cunning little buggers, often labeled “tricksters.” They exhibit extreme intelligence, planning abilities, and radical problem-solving skills.  They sneak in, and they sneak out of places and situations.

Just like that resistance that keeps sliding in there just before you are about to break through something.  And you don’t even see it slink in, but you sure can feel it when you get that sinking feeling that a part of your life still isn’t going in the desired direction.

Read this:  The Fox shows up when it’s time to let something go.  Is it a rigid thought about what reality is supposed to be like? Does your life have to be like everyone else’s? I bet you don’t want it to be anyway. Create your own reality.

BAM! You just read that and hopefully, it triggered your subconscious to recognize that resistant thought or belief about how your life should be lived, next time it arises. Then you can make your conscious decision to let that shit go.

So pay attention today next time you feel that sinking feeling about something.  Dig a bit deeper into the—here it comes—foxhole, and remind yourself that you are creating this life, and you can have anything you want.  And So It Is.


Earth Energy:






444 (All is well)

500 (Make small changes to embrace your authenticity)




author: Kimberly

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PS If you want to read more about the fox as a spirit animal, this site explains it beautifully.