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December 2017

Daily Energy Report,

Energy Report – Create – December 30, 2017

It’s All About Creation.

Only 2 days left of 2017. And as far as I’m concerned, I’m OK with that.

Have you created anything in 2017 that could serve as a memoir?  A poem?  A song?  Art?

If not, today is a good day to create even one small little thing to remind you of 2017.  Put it somewhere safe, because in the New Energy, your memory will not be as reliable as it was before.  It’s simply not necessary in higher dimensions to relive past moments once the lesson has been gleaned from them.

So make your creation that represents 2017, and have a small ritual in which you send thanks to the Universe for the growth that you’ve experienced.  When you discover it in later years, it will still be imprinted with the energy of today.


Earth Energy:






555 (Upcoming change)

900 (Time to spread your light).



Thankful for a day in which I have little planned.  The Earth energy is just kind of floating along in limbo.  Not bad, not good.  Just treading water.


Daily Energy Report,

Energy Report – Downhill is Good – December 29, 2017

Downhill is a Good Place to Go.

The year 2017 was an uphill climb for Earth.  Things fell away: relationships, jobs, the sense of security.  It seemed like every single thing that helped us feel safe just disappeared, leaving us feeling exposed, unsure, and fearful.


Those lower-frequency aspects of ourselves were no longer needed; they left your essence because you are ready to replace them with higher-frequency aspects of yourself.  New people, new jobs, and new beliefs that not only serve you better, but serve the collective better too.  So that uphill climb, no matter how arduous it was, was bringing you to the summit of a better you.

Now is the time to thank the Universe for all of it, and know that 2018 is the start of a downhill journey that will utilize the skills you’ve learned as a Lightworker.  Allowing, welcoming, visualizing the you that you really want to be.

Today, welcome in those higher frequencies with gratitude, and recognize your growth without looking back.  It’s time to enjoy where you are, right now, knowing that you are in charge of what comes next, based on your feelings in the present.

Earth Energy:






444 (All is well)

111 (New beginnings)



New habits are forming, and there is resolve there where it wasn’t before.  It’s all after I said “Fuck It” and let go.



Daily Energy Report,

Energy Report – Next Time Around – December 28, 2017

Another year is nearing its end.

Going by quicker now, aren’t they?  That’s because time is not so constant anymore.  This is a period in human evolution when opportunities will open up that you dismissed before.

Today, ask yourself what will you try next year that you tried before and it didn’t work?  This time around, you have new resources, new perspectives and higher-frequency assistance than ever before.  Choose what you’ll try again.


Earth Energy:


Dark Green




888 (Financial Abundance)

222 (Keep Visualizing)



Glad that holiday travel is over.  Focusing on physical stuff today, and vowing to add a few new good habits to my daily routine to promote balance.

Daily Energy Report,

Energy Report – The Gingerbread Man – December 25, 2017

Today will hopefully be filled with lots of cheer, family and food.

In fact, I just ate 4 gingerbread men before breakfast.  I realized that I started eating each unfortunate baked gentleman by biting his head off first.

Today, be reminded that all participants in your festivities deserve sufficient time to speak.


Earth Energy:

Colors:  Brown, White.


777 (Divine Order)

888 (Abundance on its way)


spiritual closetTN
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Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

Coming out spiritually to your family and friends is often like coming out of the spiritual closet. Why do so many people struggle with it?

Watch this video by Kimberly and Kelly of AreYouAwakening to learn some simple tips on how to celebrate your higher-self and leave your spiritual closet. When you start growing up spiritually, your family members and friends might say you’re going crazy, they might want to bring you to a priest, doubting your sanity, or calling you a sinner.

No matter how tough they try to oppose your awakening, continue to be who you’re called to be.

Daily Energy Report,

Energy Report – You Are the Master – December 24, 2017

Even when steeped in the midst of asleep individuals, remember that you are the Master of it all.

As we delve deep into holiday celebrations, you may struggle to maintain your personal power.  Routines are disrupted, you eat and drink different things, and there is a lot of noise. It’s a time when many of us are surrounded by people we don’t see often, and each person brings with them an energy that affects us in a number of ways.  Chances are that your family is not awake, and conversations can be shallow, strained or boring to you.

Don’t forget that each soul is on its own journey.  There is no right or wrong — that’s a polarity thing and it doesn’t apply in our natural state.  Yet polarity is the reality that most humans live in, and you’ll probably have to play the part in their reality for a short time.

Remember that you are the Master of your life, and maintain your energy throughout your interactions with those on different paths.  You are setting an example with every action, word and deed that you make.

Earth Energy:




444 (All is well)

447 (Peace)



I can see several probabilities for my life from this vantage point, and I now feel the power to choose the probability that I want.  I am that powerful.

Daily Energy Report,

Energy Report – Reflection – December 23, 2017

We are nearing the end of the year, and have you noticed how fast the years are progressing lately?  When we were kids, it felt like forever until our next birthday.  That was the old energy; Earth’s new energy, as we mentioned yesterday, is of a higher frequency, where time is no longer required to be a constant.

Did you get what you wanted this year?  Did you manifest your desires?  Or better yet, did you grow on a spiritual level?

Today, compare who you are in the present with who you were a year ago.  Notice that the comparison is between the “old” you and the “new” you.  Not a comparison between you and someone else. Life is really about manifesting a better you.

And I bet you can acknowledge serious growth.

Earth energy:

Today, reflect on the “you” that you were a year ago.  See how you’ve progressed?



Light blue, white, yellow.



1111 (Snapshot of your thoughts)

311 (Courage)



My eyes are leaking but I’m not crying.  I feel like the Grinch when his heart grew three sizes that day.



Daily Energy Report,

Energy Report – Elastic Time – December 22, 2017

Don’t Expect Time to Behave Like It Used To.

As we awaken, we realize that Earth is just our stage, with an intricate set that includes space, distance, and time.  We all agreed to those terms, and to agreed to forget that we agreed.  Then we incarnated, and those constructs were seemingly static and non-negotiable.  As we continued our journey towards integration, we learned that space, distance and time are really just guidelines.  And that we can bend them at anytime.

That’s today, my friends, when there’ve been reports of missing time, bending time and distances traveled without being conscious of how.

Time was just part of the stage set.  Stage sets get changed with every scene. Now, in the new energy, you could experience periods of missing time, time warps where the clock doesn’t move, or being able to travel a distance in less time.


Earth Energy:  Now you can use time to your advantage, by sending out the intention to bend it. You are that powerful.


Blue, Brown, White.



666 (Raise your vibration)

555 (Change coming)


Stocks to Watch:





Two days now of missing time, ending up places, and disorientation.  It’s going to be a fun family gathering feeling like that.

Daily Energy Report,

Energy Report – A Slow Crawl – December 21, 2017

Lost your Concept of Time?  Space?  Sanity?

Welcome, Awakened Trailblazer.  Here’s another day that you may be rebuilding your strength, in every sense of the word.  There’s a movement that will be starting after tomorrow, the end of the Winter Solstice, and an indicator of the huge amounts of energy that is enveloping the collective right now.

What does that mean for you?  You get to bear the brunt of the collective’s shift!

Shift caused by the end of Mercury’s retrograde, the Winter Solstice, AND the close of one cycle of a huge transformational period that began in 2012.

That’s a lot of energy.  But remember, Lightworker, you chose it.  We are powerful creators, and we knew that we could handle the energy of the collective, while still cultivating our own.

Just a couple more days, and your proverbial sun will be shining, and (if you believe it), perhaps there’ll be prancing unicorns in the fields nearby.

Earth Energy: Gray, Brown, Black.  You may feel disconnected again today.  Lots of energy flying around today while the collective gets a boost.  It feels like a slow crawl for those of us who love the thrill of change.


777 (Everything is in Divine Order)

0000 (It’s come full circle)



Strangely empty but OK with it.  No concept of time.  Craving hot chocolate and my motorcycle.  Wondering why I’ve seen two shopping carts with broken picture frames in them, in two separate parts of the city.


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What’s Life Like in 5D?

Life in 5D is vastly different than in 3D

Right around December 15, 2017, some of Earth’s inhabitants made the move to 5D.  These people are the way-showers, the Lightworkers who arrived here to lead the way for the rest of the population that’s waking up in line with their own agenda.

And if you’re reading this, then you are well on your way to living in 5D.  You’re early to the game.

Those of us who have been hanging out in 5D these past few weeks still bounce back to 3D regularly.  It takes some time for the body and consciousness, which is used to strict constraints related to time, space and polarity, to adjust to the different perspective.

So what is 5D like?

It’s like you wake up one morning, and everything that you are used to viewing, although it is the same stuff, looks different.  It’s still your morning coffee cup, but now you can see it multidimensionally.  You can feel the cup, the energy of which it’s comprised.  It is brighter, it vibrates, and it’s easier to appreciate. You savor using it.  You want everyone to have a cup like this because interacting with it brings you joy.

Here are some indications that you’re hanging out in 5D:

  • You feel like you’re floating.
  • You make behavioral changes based on your knowledge that you are the creator of your experience.
  • You can easily put yourself in someone else’s shoes.
  • Colors are brighter.
  • Sounds are clearer.
  • Your body stops hurting.
  • Some people will not see you.  You may see them try to walk right through you.
  • Temporary feelings of disconnection – like you are watching the world on a screen.
  • You take deeper breaths.
  • You see grids or geometric figures superimposed on things, including the sky.
  • You recognize that synchronicities happen all the time and they are there to lead you.
  • You have the urge to give up everything and let yourself be led – surrender.
  • You no longer desire any confrontation.
  • You respond with gentle silence.
  • Linear thinking is replaced by conceptual thinking – like a ball shooting around a billiards table.
  • Increased sex drive.
  • Eating smaller, cleaner meals.
  • Wanting to get out more with people.


Everyone is different, so don’t have set expectations about what this experience should look like for you.  It’s about perspective.  You will just see and interact with things differently.

And be gentle with yourself.  You’ll bounce back to 3D at times, so that you can rest.  Sleep!  Watch a funny movie, or create something.  You’ll be back in 5D in no time.  (Get it?)



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