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Daily Energy Report,

Energy Report – Unclogging – November 30, 2017

You are being bombarded with really good energy right now.  It’s up to you to let it in.

Today we are continuing with the clearing of old crap that you no longer need.  Whether it be an old credit card or a friend that doesn’t honor you, find one thing that you can let go of today with love and joy.  This leaves room for newer, more aligned things, situations and people to come into your life.  Unclog yourself today so that you can let in some of that higher-frequency energy being offered to you.


Earth Energy: Red, Black, Hot Pink.  Remember that nothing is meant to last forever on Earth.  Clear out something that no longer serves you by sending it off with love and appreciation.  Numbers: 000 (Things are coming full circle), 988 (Clear out the old to allow in new opportunity.




This morning brings in bubbling waves of sacral release. Head pressure likely. Surround yourself in healing light as this moves through. Afternoon chance of stormy moods and scattered crying likely this evening.



STORMY!  Mysterious.  Pouty.  If I could suck my thumb in public I would do it.



Realignment, another day for progressing and getting things done, moving in the right direction. A day of opportunities.



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So What Exactly IS Darkness, Anyway?

Earth has been a planet of polarity for about 300,000 years.

That’s “good vs evil,” and it’s “right vs wrong,” and it’s “dark vs light.”

Earth is in a free-will zone, which means that anything goes here.  You can make any choice.

Let’s look at that a little bit deeper.

When Earth was created, there were constructs created up to set the stage:

We use “space” to represent physical surroundings and bodies.
We use “time” to slow down the manifestation process so we can watch it occur in a linear fashion.
We created “polarity” so that we have choices to make as to what we prefer.

Then we incarnate, and we all play on that stage according to the rules of the game, learning who we are by our relationships with other people and situations that we create for ourselves.

In order to grow under these conditions, we need options.  That’s the free-will part. You can choose one thing, or you can choose its opposite.  You can switch at anytime.  You can end up at neutral. Through these experiences, you learn who you are, what you prefer, and how you want to deal with similar things next time.

Darkness is one option.  Light is another.  Plus all the grays in between. Make any choice.

One would wonder, why we can’t just have a world of all light?  Why can’t everyone be happy all the time?

Well, they can.  Even in a world with plenty of darkness.  Because you have options from which to choose that have been lovingly placed for you. And each role is filled by a soul that has chosen to act out that part for you, so that you can decide who you are through your choice and how you deal with it.  And as people awaken, more and more people are choosing the Light.  Light is simply more information about our true eternal nature.

So why would anyone choose to be the Darkness?

Because you wanted options.  And your fellow souls want you to have what you desire, so it’s their honor to perform this service, even if it doesn’t look like it to you when something dark is happening.

Let’s take the movie John Wick, for example.

This movie sent me into a pit of contemplation for a week about why such a display of senseless killing is still revered, despite the continuing positive shift in Earth’s consciousness.*

And after I got my self-righteous ego out of the way, I realized that it’s just providing options for any individual focusing on it.

Consider just a few options offered by a movie like this:

“You can make your problems go away by shooting them.”
“Even nice guys can react sometimes.”
“I love guns and stunts.”
“Revenge is a good way to vindicate your loss.”
“Here’s a movie to make you forget your problems for a while.”
“I would never do these things to anyone.”
“I wish I had a big enough parking lot to drift like that.”
“I bet this increases puppy adoptions by 500%.”
“God I hope I never have to fight like that in my kitchen.”
“He gets away with a lot.  I wonder if I could too.”

All options.  You get to choose what any event means to you, based on what you want to experience in your life.

So next time you try to define “Darkness,” remember that it’s really just “Light that Forgets it’s Light.”



*There is also a strong esoteric argument for displays of violence such as in John Wick in this day and time. This explanation relates to our Galactic History, and may or may not fit within your current paradigm.

Movies that feature such violence are created by individuals who are in the final playings-out of pre-integration Orion energy.  Since the Orion star system followed a brutal path from separation to integration—with millions of years of oppression that made Earth look like Disneyland—there are many energies that still feel like they haven’t finished dramatizing those low-frequency thought patterns left over from the Orion period. The entire Star Wars series is based on history of the Orion Star System; now you can see how many people on Earth are still processing these thought forms.

So an incarnation on Earth—one of the closest regions that still welcomed polarity—was a choice for many of these individuals. They’ve already chosen a path, either Service to Self, like those consciously choosing to inflict pain on others; or Service to Others, in the form of athletes, actors, or fans of dark things, choosing to play out their fighting energy in a healthier fashion.


Recommended reading if you want to learn more:

Galactic History

The Prism of Lyra: An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage

Service Paths

The Law of One — Book One



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Daily Energy Report,

Energy Report – Help Clearing Your Junk – November 29, 2017

It’s Spiritual Flu Season

High Energy Day today – lots of ascension symptoms manifesting itself as the flu are finally clearing out your old junk.  Rest, watch Netflix or do whatever you feel is necessary for comfort.  Don’t think that those physically-oriented symptoms indicate low energy.  It’s called the “spiritual flu” but it’s really high energy fixing you up.  Send thanks for that and know that All is Well.

Earth Energy:  Pink, Peach, Pale Blue.  Know that physical symptoms are always related to a spiritual cause. This is healing that won’t need to be healed ever again.  Numbers: 444 (All is well), 990 (Returning bigger and stronger.)


You can view more Awakening Symptoms here.



Renewed after challenge, peeled off some scales that were keeping the real me IN.  Time to fly.



Still angry from yesterday.



(Kimberly here…Kelly called in sick with the Spiritual Flu.  For real.)



I feel up in the air.  Like everything is moving around me and I don’t know what to do.

Daily Energy Report,

Energy Report – Walk Your Talk Today- November 28, 2017

The holidays can bring about traffic, short tempers and really annoying people. As an awakened being, you are ahead of the oneness game; yet it’s easy to forget that when you get stuck in 3D experiences like a long line.

Make sure that you remember Who You Are, and that everyone presented to you is also a Perfect Aspect of Source just like you are.  Integrity is the key today, in all aspects of your life, whether that be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Earth Energy:  Gray, Forest Green.  Strive for integrity in everything you do today.  Numbers:  666 (Raise your vibration), 116 (Check thoughts and update if necessary)



Perky and upbeat and pulling myself up by my ears!



Wondering how I can have my head in the clouds one day and then be back in physical 3D muck the next.  I feel like a visit to the LaBrea tar pits is applicable, if I can throw myself in.


Daily Energy Report,

Energy Report – Your Purpose is Popping Through- November 27, 2017

Pay Attention to the Cues.

I am hearing it from Awakened Trailblazers everywhere.  They’re being called.

You are a unique being with unique talents and character, and you are being asked to show them.  This is part of authenticity, which is so crucial in an awakened being, and one of the hardest things to adopt in our modern society.

This doesn’t require you to drop your job, your family, and live in a cave.  It requires you to be yourself, and to be open to cues from the Universe about how you could best serve.  You just BE yourself, and that is service.  You are spreading your high-frequency energy to everyone around you, whether they know it or not.

So today, listen to any cues you get.  Crazy ideas, synchronicities.  Get excited about them, and know that every time you are your authentic self, you are serving humanity.

Earth energy:  Black, White, Gray, Maroon.  Today, your purpose may try to pop through.  Listen to cues. Numbers: 444 (All is well), 555 (Big Change!)




This morning starts with a flurry of thoughts and repressed emotions. Look at them, release and tell them “bye bye” forever. Afternoon into evening should be calmer. Sit with your reflections and give gratitude for all the lessons and growth. Remember no one gets out of here alive so enjoy the ride.



Finally understood what’s being let go of.  My old life.  The one in which I defined myself by what has happened to me.  Buh-bye!



Balanced and happy to be alive.  I feel so grateful for all the blessing and connection that I feel with all my loved ones, trees, sky and mountains.



Stable! There’s a pleasant flow where it’s not too forceful but productive nonetheless.

Daily Energy Report,

Energy Report – Top of the Roller Coaster – November 26, 2017

Humanity is about to start a wild ride.

The roller coaster car is just about finished its ascent to the top of the next big hill.

We’re peering down at the decline, and, WTF, instead of one track, we see a ton of them, each going in a different direction from where we are right now.

All of those tracks had always been there, but we weren’t so aware of them while in our asleep state.  Now that we can see them, we can choose which track we’ll take.  Here’s the catch:  you have no idea where that track leads.  You can only see a small portion of the track.  So choose a track that looks exciting, and trust that the Universe will make it a fun ride, even if you can’t see what’s coming.

You’re strapped in and perfectly safe.

Earth Energy: Yellow, Orange, Blue.  Know that you are safe with any choice you make. Numbers: 444 (All is well), 499 (You are safe)



Being asked to fully define myself as I’m on the brink of enormous change.  Not sure what I’m supposed to be letting go of, but whatever it is, when I let go, the light switch will flicker on and it’s showtime.



Feel like a floating head.  Like my cat.

Daily Energy Report,

Energy Report – Retiring the Old You – November 25, 2017

There has been lots of “work” being done in your sleep this past month.  You may think that you just rest while you’re asleep, but it’s actually the opposite for your spirit—which gets to escape the confines of the body and be in its natural state for a while.  That’s why babies sleep so much; it takes time to get used to being constricted in a meat suit.

This “work” can include physical upgrades, emotional healing, cool downloads of sacred geometric symbols and revelatory dreams. Much of this lately is about letting go of the negative experiences from our limiting 3D past.  You no longer have to relive every painful experience from your asleep life or any of your other lives — unless you want to. And many people do choose the painful route, because the old system dictated that we can’t release a fear or insecurity until we face it head on.  And of course, if you hit anything head on, it’s gonna hurt.

So move right through that fear.

In the New Energy, you don’t have to regress back to the time when you were 6 and everyone laughed at you.  You can observe as if watching a movie, recognize that the little girl was embarrassed, and make the decision that that experience doesn’t have to define you now.  Move right through it without the resistance from previous times. And guess what happens when you move right through something?  It’s now behind you.

With that behind you, you can make new decisions.  Today, you can be a completely new person by BEING the person you want to be.  Today, vow to not look back.

Earth Energy: Purple, Red, Blue. Today, vow not to look back and let it define you.  Numbers: 999 (The end of an era), 994 (No need to close doors behind you; jump through a new open door)



Woke up with a different direction to life than I had yesterday.  It’s showtime.



Up in the air.  Wonky.



Lots of revelations, flood of memories, lots of changes! I’m finally starting to see that there are no “right” or “wrong” choices as my ego would have me believe, but what I do with the choices I make.

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Your Children in the Awakening – Fixing Stuff We Broke

Those Crazy Kids…Inventing Cancer Tests at Age 15 and Filling Art Galleries at Age 5

Heads up, elders (and that’s anyone older than a Millennial, so probably YOU):

If you haven’t noticed it already, there’s a rash of child prodigies flinging themselves into our population.

Gone are the days where we wise ones were the authority, and could teach the young ones the path of wisdom.  Times have changed, and kids now are being born with the concepts that we—as mere humans—had to learn by sticking our hands on the hot stove and getting burnt.

Kids are incarnating with the wisdom from past lives already ingrained and ready to access when they need the skills or experiences that were gained from them.  No more horrific hypnotic regressions or empty tissue boxes.

These old souls are already trained and are ready to build back up the world that previous generations screwed up.

Our job as parents is to basically just keep them alive.  As awake parents, we may do a little course correction here and there. All in all, it’s been made very clear that these kids are superhuman, and that they know what needs to be done to foster integration, and rebuild systems that support the whole rather than the few.

Check out these kids as just two examples of how kids are reshaping our world:

Jack Andraka,  at age 15, develops new test for early detection of pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer that is 90% reliable.

Akiane, now an adult, began creating and selling her art from age 5.


Click here if you would like to learn about Indigo Children, Crystal Children, and Rainbow Children.



If you feel so inclined, check out this Adronis channeling from Brad Johnson.  Some broad detail regarding the most likely probabilities for the next few years on Earth:

Daily Energy Report,

Energy Report – Seeing Red Today? It’s Your Root – November 24, 2017

If you are seeing red today, you are probably in line somewhere for Black Friday.  Lines do that to me, too.

Or, it could be your root chakra doing flips with all the energy seething around inside you waiting to be sent back out there.

If you are reading this, lightworker, you are transmuting a bunch of yucky stuff for the collective right now.  Their fears about survival, safety, the loss of comfort and the unknown.  Physical, basic needs stuff.

The collective won’t thank you just yet, so remember that you chose this prior to incarnation.  You knew that you were strong enough to take on not only your personal crap, but also the group crap.  Here’s to being a galactic overachiever!

Today you may see the color red, or feel your root chakra vibrating like, well, a vibrator–at the base of your tailbone. You could feel fears about the future.  Note them, take charge of them and shoot them back out.  I like to shoot them through my crown so that those at higher dimensions can reassign the energy, but you could also send them out through the root if you choose.  Just get that crap out, and fill yourself back up with white light.

Earth Energy:  Red, Maroon, Black.  Survival issues are a priority for most people right now.  Be the example and express your vision of a positive future Earth.  Armageddon isn’t on your menu. Numbers: 911 (Transmuting the Fight or Flight response), 999 (End of an era)





Bit slow and sick. Processing more crap (does it ever end lol).



Closed for spiritual maintenance to work with inner child.



Sensing a lot of root chakra survival junk coming up but it’s not mine.  So, lower thought forms, I call your bet and raise it for the transformation of the collective.  Bring it on (she says with white knuckles.)



Content, creative, aware 🙂

Daily Energy Report,

Energy Report – Gratitude for Life – November 23, 2017

As we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States, we gather as families and friends to give thanks for all we have.  We’ve been doing it for years, of course, but now in the New Energy, there is finally conscious intent behind our thanks.

An awakened individual embodies the concept of gratitude, in which we accept what is as “what is,” since everything we see in our physical surroundings is the effect of previous intentions we sent out.  Thus, we strive to be conscious of our thoughts, our intentions, and our frequency.

Giving thanks is the easiest way to pump up that vibration, from wherever you are. You don’t have to send out anything specific if you’re feeling grumpy!  Send out a “Thanks” for letting me breathe clean air today.  Or “Thank you, Universe,” for my being allowed to play out another life in these challenging surroundings.

Earth Energy: Red, brown, ochre.  Send out thanks with actual intent.  Numbers: 488 (What comes around goes around), 444 (All is well).



Morning brings a sense of peace, calm and self reflection. Find joy and give gratitude for the little things. Meditate this evening on what no longer serves you and release it to the universe. Live in love, love in peace. Blessed Be.



Going out of my box today to a place in which I could experience discomfort and growth.  Hint:  it includes people I don’t know.