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October 2017

Daily Energy Report,

Daily Energy Report – October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween to those who want the permission to be someone else today.

There is still trepidation in the air.  The seasons are finally changing, holidays are barreling towards us.  I sense an underlying sadness or worry about being alone for the holidays.  If this is new for you, Dear One, take heart.  Awakening individuals often shed the unwanted, which includes relationships, friends and dull jobs.  Your increasing frequency no longer matches theirs, and so they actually vibrate out of your lives.

Note that you are now attracting those with similar frequencies to take the place of what you feel you’ve lost.

Focus on yourself right now.  It’s not selfish – that’s programming from all of those unbalanced relationships from your past–it’s necessary for you to take the time for you.  Remember to follow your highest joy at every possible moment.  Whatever you can do to feel good and negatively affect another, please do it.  This is a service to yourself, and ultimately, others.


Earth energy:  Brown, orange, mystery, subconscious welcoming of the darkness.  Trepidation, worry about doors closing and another not being open.  Numbers 12, 666



Here’s a great video from Jayme Price.  She channels the light language, and her monthly energy reports take the pulse of the collective in her own way.  Visit to experience her gift of cosmic light gab.


Daily Energy Report,

Daily Energy Report – October 30, 2017

Sparky again.  I’m prolific this week.

Awakening is about embracing the concept that we’re all one. That guy that cuts you off in traffic? He’s you. The woman who exhibits frightful behavior in public?  Yep, she’s you too.

How can you look at anyone, and see yourself in them?  Try that today before you react or judge.


Earth Energy:  Pink, Gentleness, Compassion, Giving without expecting reciprocation.  The numbers: 7, 778 for “everything is going well, and abundance is coming if you quiet yourself and allow it.”

Love Bomb
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How to Send out a Love Bomb

When you wake up, you will be overwhelmed at times with the feeling of goodwill, unconditional love, and just pure joy.  You may smile for no reason, which sends a ripple of joy out to all who see you.

You can create broader ripples by sending out love bombs –  shots of joy to whomever is around and wants to accept it.  It’s free, it’s discreet and it changes the energy of all around you.

Imagine a dry dandelion you’ve just picked.  It’s white, it’s fuzzy, it whispers joy.  It wants to be spread around.  Imagine that same white fuzziness descending down from the sky, through the top of your head, and down to your feet. You are filled with white light.  You are love.

Now mentally blow that light, just like the dandelion, in all directions away from you.  Each soul will absorb the love you sent in its own way.

No one needs to know.  Be the secret light for someone.

Daily Energy Report
Daily Energy Report,

Daily Energy Report – October 28, 2017

It’s Sparky.

Today’s about integration.  How do you extend your head to the clouds, and still keep your feet on the ground?  Where in the spectrum of the human/consciousness do you want to live?  Balance can be achieved through enjoying the sensory cornucopia of the human experience while still striving to serve your fellows, which ultimately, is serving yourself.

Earth Energy:
New birth, light green.  Light blue for fresh air.  A light at the end of the tunnel as dark aspects of ourselves come to the light to be accepted, exactly as they are.  This is integration.


Barreling Along the Spiral
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Barreling Along the Spiral

Barreling Along the Spiral

(verb) – the process of revisiting a subject that you thought you were finished with.

For many of us on Earth at the moment, we are revisiting similar issues in order to transmute them for the collective:

Non-serving belief systems

  • Unworthiness
  • Unlovability
  • Age, gender or ethnic equality
  • Enlightened people should be poor
  • Powerful people are exploitive
  • Miracles are dealt out to a select few
  • Abundance must be earned by hard work
  • Everyone else is happier than we are
  • We react to our external world rather than create it

Human Limitations

  • Physical inability to heal
  • If it hasn’t been proven by science, then it is impossible
  • Separation
  • Disbelief in anything that cannot be explained
  • The five senses determine reality

The Spiral of Life is endless, with each incident of consciousness experiencing its desired growth in its own manner, and adding onto the Spiral to increase its breadth and depth.  To expand the Universe.

A situation arises. We process our thoughts, feelings, beliefs. And we glean the lesson/reason that the situation was recalled to us.  We assimilate our new beliefs about the situation, and we continue on with our lives.

And then the situation returns again.  We fret.  We meditate, we cry. We were finished with this–we did the work, we transmuted it, we forgave, we were gentle (or not) in our healing.  “This should be finished.”

So why did it arrive again?  Some think it a test of our resolve.  Some think we crave pain and drama, much like a habit. Some think of it as punishment for not being the A-team transmuter the first time around.

Me?  Well, I think we just want to grow a little bit more from the situation.  Each time, we give it a new facet.

From all of the experiences of the situation, from all of the times we faced it head on, and learned something about ourselves.  We’ve returned over that same area in the Spiral, but this time, we have more tools–or weapons, if you still view it that way–to address the situation from a different perspective.

What better way to see something from multiple angles, than to experience them all.





Daily Energy Report,

Daily Energy Report – October 27, 2017

Sparky here.

A day to deal with expectations.  Are you trying to manifest something that isn’t happening as you’d like it to?  Have you limited yourself to one particular outcome, without allowing for even better options?

Earth energy:  lazy, avoidance, denial.  Excitement about the socially-acceptable practice of being able to shed an image for the equivalent of Halloween around the globe for those who celebrate any aspect of it.  You can be anyone you want right now!  I choose Wonder Woman.

The weekend can be upbeat or in quiet reserve.  Your choice.

Daily Energy Report - October 26, 2017
Daily Energy Report,

Daily Energy Report – October 26, 2017

Kimberly here.

Today is my birthday.  I turned 52.

It’s a number but in our American culture, it’s an expletive at this point.  Living in Los Angeles, every year added on can send you further down the pits of depression as you watch some of the most beautiful freaks of nature stroll past you on any given day.

But I listen to my higher selves, and each day they’re having a clearer voice that I actually ward.  Yeah, it took this long.

My darker selves sent me things to process.  You know, to see how far I’ve come in the course of my evolution.

“Forget dating sites.  You’re now of an age that no one searches for.”
“Your ass will now get bigger every day as you plod towards menopause.”
“It’s too late to start [fill in the blank for ANYTHING other than signing up for AARP]…”
“What medicine do you need to start taking?”

And my lighter selves sent me things too:

“Remember when you slowed down your aging process?  Hey, it’s working!”
“You are now more your true self than you’ve ever been”
“Now you can tell people to fuck off and send them love at the same time.”
“You are creating this shit, so create what you want and don’t focus on the stuff you don’t want.”
“Now you can talk about aliens in public, and not care what anyone else thinks.”
“Welcome to your rebirth.”


I decided to let the light win, today.

Earth Energy:
Colors: Yellow, Pink, Red. Trepidation, worry about the future, anxiety and kidney issues.  Make all attempts to focus only on what you DO want, and swipe away those other thoughts. Numbers: 1111 (snapshot of your thoughts), 133 (Your guides are by your side)

Darkness is Just Another Option
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Darkness is Just Another Option

The question I get asked the most, in many different forms:

“How can you ignore what is going on in the world?  Can’t you see it’s dangerous out there?”


Awakened beings realize that they have created everything that they see in the world.  If you see joy and beauty, it’s because you have sent out thoughts + intentions that align with it.

Do you see darkness?  Well that’s what you’re sending out.  Yes. Sorry.  And that’s fine, as it must be serving you in some way or you wouldn’t be doing it.  When you are ready to send out joy and beauty, that’s what your physical reality will reflect back to you.

Darkness is just an option.  Light is an option.  Souls chose their parts for service, whether it be dark or light.  To give you, dear always-expanding, perfect-aspect-of-God, all the choices you could possibly imagine.

And when the collective starts to choose one over the other, then things shift.  That’s what’s happening now.

If you wish, listen to Kryon below.  He explains that humanity has tried–four times–to move from Dark to Light.  And we got it this time.

Kryon Channeling