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Awakening Explained

What is Awakening?

Awakening is the shift in an individual’s perception from a concept of separation to one of integration, or oneness. Focus shifts toward increased love, peace, compassion, and service to others.


What are We Awakening From?

The fact that we forgot that we are all One.  Just Source.  That’s it.  We divided ourselves up so that we could see what we could do.  And we gave ourselves all of the power of the Source, but we kind of kept it a secret so that the game wouldn’t be over before it began.  That would have been a huge Spoiler Alert.

Earth is known as a badass planet.  Please let this sink in:

If you are living on Earth right now, you are a BADASS.  That’s right.  Only badass souls are getting the chance to live out an incarnation on Earth at this time.

And if you are reading this, you are not only a BADASS, but you are a pioneer as well.  For you, Dear One, are in the forefront of the awakening process.  That means you will be experiencing feelings, realizations and symptoms that your asleep friends may not feel.  And that you have a responsibility to set an example for others.


Is Everybody on Earth Going to Awaken?

Not necessarily in this incarnation.  Some will choose to leave Earth rather than release their old beliefs.  Some will awaken slower than others, depending on their Higher Self’s blueprint.


Do We Have Help?

We’ve always had help.  Whether you call them Angels, or Guides, or your dead Uncle Jerry, there are other-dimensional beings putting things in order for you, standing next to you as you grieve, and cheering you on when you make another discovery about Who You Really Are.

It matters not what you call your Help.  It matters not if you subscribe to an organized religion or a belief system.  The awakening process is an internal one anyway.  Your assistants, or “glitter” as I like to call them, are there as conversations overheard, as songs, and numbers, and chance meetings with someone who answers a question you’ve just recently asked yourself.


Do I Have to Do Anything?  Can I Speed it Up?

People who are set to awaken will do so according to their blueprint.  Just like you and your neighbors probably have different floorplans in your home, so you have differing blueprints.  You may want to be involved in the layout, yet your neighbor wants it to be a surprise.  Both of you can awaken.  You will be conscious of it, while your neighbor may go kicking and screaming.  Different paths, same destination.

Could you speed it up?  I suppose, if you chose to disallow all relationships other than yourself.  But why would you?  The cliche still stands:  “Life is a journey, not a destination.”  You actually WANT to experience the progression.  If not, you wouldn’t have chosen this planet, in this timeline, for an incarnation.


Do I have to Experience Pain to Awaken?

No.  No.  No.  No.  No.           No.

However, we humans have been programmed for a very long time that nothing comes easily without hard work.  If you choose to subscribe to that belief then you’ll follow through with some pain.

Many people feel physical pain as their bodies update from carbon-based to crystalline-based compositions.  Called “awakening symptoms” or “ascension symptoms,” these sensations usually last just a few days and are not associated with a particular physical ailment.  [Please seek medical help if you have a symptom that you feel needs attention.  You are responsible for your own vehicle (that’s your body) and should treat it as a temple.]

You can make the decision at any time that whatever you choose to experience, even if it caused you pain previously, will not affect you as it did before.  This is not will-power, but rather a shift in perception about any given situation.  Yes, you have that power.

You can review the awakening symptoms contributed by our team and others here


What Does an Awakened Person Look Like?

The Earth is awakening in leaps and bounds.  Those of all ethnicities, ages and belief systems are embracing the concept of Oneness.  It makes sense to have them spread around the world, to act as beacons–or examples, if you like–for others to observe.

Physically, an awakened person will vibrate at a higher frequency than those around them.  They will be calmer, more peaceful, kind, compassionate, and giving.  They will be slower to anger, and quicker to help.  This is because they’ve realized that if we’re all one, then service to others is actually service to oneself.  Such statements are in every major religious text in some form.  “Give and you shall receive.”

This does not mean that you must quit your job, or devote yourself to a worthy cause and forego all of your possessions, although those things can be a choice you naturally make as you go within and review your life.  In fact, you are not expected to DO anything, but rather just BE.  For your being there, wherever you are, is serving others, if you are an example of kindness, compassion and love.

So, Dear One, we invite you to look around, and ask questions, and know that you are loved.  The love extends beyond your family, or your Facebook friends, or your neighborhood.  It extends to all of use.  For we who have awakened, welcome you–another aspect of ourselves–into the fold.






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Feeling the Call

Are you feeling the call?

Our world is changing.

These changes will be most noticeable in the Western World, where we’ve been taught to focus on wealth, prestige and accomplishment, often at the expense of family, the environment, and our health.  Due to an agreement prior to our incarnation on earth, each of us is being called to awaken our spiritual side to bring better balance to the physical side that is running rampant right now.  We haven’t done anything wrong, mind you.  In fact, we’ve done it all right, which is why we, as humans, are coming to the end of this cycle of limitations that we’ve imposed on ourselves.

It doesn’t matter which religion you subscribe to, or if you subscribe to one at all.  Your feelings are occurring according to plan, which is why you ended up on this site.  Every human soul who chooses to stay on Earth will awaken; it is just a matter of time.  We’re all going to the same place, but we’re taking different roads to get there, and none of these roads are wrong.

Here’s just a few of the signs that you are.

  • You are beginning to feel that your life is untidy, and you have a desire to declutter your surroundings.
  • You have interest in learning about new ways of eating that are healthier than your current eating style.
  • Your music interests have changed to softer, more melodic tones.
  • You have rid yourself of overly dramatic and energy-draining friends.
  • You refuse to argue.
  • You have decided to make exercise a lasting part of your lifestyle.
  • You give away more money, time, or knowledge.

Feeling these things, and other desires to cleanse your life do NOT mean that you are bound to live in poverty in a monastery and meditate for the rest of your life. You do not need to leave your family behind, and you do not need to be an evangelist.  In fact, you need not tell a soul.  They will learn soon enough, by your example, of the more evolved person you have become.  Leading by example will trump a lecture every time.

What do you do now?

Rejoice!  Jump up and down!  Be happy that joy will be easier to find, things will be simpler, and your relationships will improve because you’ll take an active part in them.  Just keep living your life, and take this one piece of advice from me:

In any moment, do whatever gives you the most joy that you can do.


Period.  The Universe will take care of the rest.